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The limit is reduced to zero themes of the day 13.08.2019 at 04:56

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In "National ranking", frequent complaints of issuance of credit cards with a zero limit. Why the customer comes in with a credit card, and de facto receives a debit? And then what to do with this "piece of plastic"?

"I Took a map of halva in order to installments for 40 Tr, in fact got 10 cents," complained the user under the name A. Oparina in the "people's rating" (spelling and punctuation here and then saved. — Approx. ed.). Client Sovcombank said that he had applied for a "Paste", and pre-the credit limit the Bank, she approved what sent the appropriate SMS. But, having received from the courier plastic and going with him to the store to shop, A. Oparina was surprised to find that the limit on the card — 0,1 ruble.

the Bank explained that the credit limit the client is temporarily denied, but it can perform operations on the map at their own expense. "In the future may increase the credit limit on the initiative of the Bank", — stated in the reply of the credit institution.

On similar cases in the last month in the "people's rating" complained also clients of OTP Bank and MTS Bank. First, according to him, on the phone promised to send a card with a limit of about 270 thousand rubles, and sent with a limit of 1 ruble. The second was calculated on 25 thousand, and got plastic with a zero limit, for which pay 299 rubles.

In MTS Bank noted that MTS CASHBACK, in question, is a universal card that can be as credit limit and without it. Financial organizations claimed that the contract signed by the client, was the mark on zero limit. OTP also noted that the Bank is entitled to unilaterally change the size of the credit limit.

to Promise limit does not mean to give

Pre-approved limit is not a guarantee of receipt of funds. In the end, the Bank may set a limit less than requested or to refuse to issue credit cards at all. The final amount available loan funds will be known after underwriting — verification of documents and interview with the client. Each Bank has its own method of checking the borrowers, which shall not be disclosed.

the threshold is Usually the credit limit, which can install the Bank, is not less than 5 thousand rubles. However, customers of some banks may get and "empty" credit card. "Very often in conditions and tariffs credit cards do not specify the minimum amount of credit limit, i.e. it is permissible that the limit can be zero", — said the expert on credit cards Olga Stanchak.

Zero limit perfectly valid to map "Paste" Sovcombank. The procedure is as follows: the client on the website fills in the form, he receives an SMS about the pre-approval limit, but the final limit will be paid only after verification. "Otherwise, at the hands of the customer remains a debit card, the limit is 0.1 ruble," — said the press service of the Bank.

This is possible and on the cards of OTP Bank. For example, if the decision on the credit limit was taken at the time of card issue, but at the time of delivery and the time that the client was decided on its activation, the situation of its payment behaviour has deteriorated. "The credit limit on the client is known at the time of sending, but when the activation and the client has changed some risk indicators, the limit may change to 1 ruble", — explained the press service of the Bank.

the procedure for changing the limit, including its reduction, should be spelled out in the contract. Usually such measures banks are if the client is delayed, significantly worsens your credit history for a long time did not commit the transactions on the card or did not re-issue plastic at the end of the validity period.

what is the reason for the Bank?

If limit is zero, and use the card as a credit card customer can not. However, in some cases, this does not mean that the plastic will be free. For example, in the case of MTS the fee for issue of a card with a zero limit will not be refunded. The Bank explains this by the fact that before obtaining a card in the cabin is provided to the client agreement, which defines all terms of service, including credit limit. User Kirill GAPONOV, who left a complaint with the "National ranking", in the form of exclusion of MTS Bank has promised to meet and Commission to return.

the service Charge is usually independent of the size limit. However, when the zero limit, the Bank may make an exception. For example, OTP Bank, in most cases, when the limit on the card "reset to zero" Commission to take will not. With Sovcombank, the same situation — paid services, which are available for "Halva" as a limit for the same card with no limit is totally disconnected.

At Citibank issuing cards with a zero limit are considered to be economically feasible. However, not all would agree with that. "Banks can provide cards to clients which are not yet able to approve a greater limit, but I see the potential," — noted in the Bank.

"If the borrower does not pass the test Bank for the provision of card with the requested credit limit, the Bank would be profitable to release a debit card or a card with a minimum limit amount, not to lose a new customer because he can use on her own means, later even transfer her salary or pension," — says Olga Stanchak.