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The manufacturer calls Human Headphones first truly wireless smart headphones patch fresh news all the sections together 20.08.2019 at 15:21 ( — specialized Russian information-analytical server, covering the hardware of personal computers, communications and servers, 3D graphics and audio, digital photo and video, Hi-Fi equipment and projectors, mobile phones and peripherals, gaming applications and more.

The Human presented under headphones unsophisticated Human Headphones. According to the manufacturer, this is the first truly intelligent wireless overhead headphones. Truly wireless makes them no wired connection between the left and right Cup, which is not coupled by the headband, as in "fake" wireless headphones.

When not using the headphones as headphones, they can bind together and use as a wireless speaker with Bluetooth and playback controls.

the Presence of microphone allows you to use Headphones Human voice, that is the role of the headset. Microphones also provide the opportunity to realize a mode in which the music mixes in external sound, so the user can hear what is happening around them.

Another feature of the Human Headphones — instant translation with support for 11 languages.

Without recharging headphones can work up to nine hours.

Price new — $ 399. Sales have already begun.