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Core i9-10000 — the name of the new line of Intel HEDT fresh news all the sections together 20.08.2019 at 18:07 ( — specialized Russian information-analytical server, covering the hardware of personal computers, communications and servers, 3D graphics and audio, digital photo and video, Hi-Fi equipment and projectors, mobile phones and peripherals, gaming applications and more.

A Couple of days ago we wrote about Intel's HEDT generation Cascade Lake-X. From the current Skylake-X they will differ superficially — mostly will be limited only by increasing frequencies.

Thanks to Asus we now know that the processors Cascade Lake-X will produce a range of Core i9-10000. Names of specific models there, but in General you can guess looking at the current CPU.

Also in the screenshot you can see the reference to 48 PCIe lanes instead of the current 44 lines.

Another feature of the new Asus motherboards on chipset X299 is to support 256 GB of RAM instead of the current 128GB. Considering positioning Intel HEDT CPU, perhaps someone it will be useful.