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Near the star Beta Painter, discovered a second giant planet

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With receiver HARPS installed on the 3.6-meter ESO telescope at the La Silla Observatory in Chile, an international team of astronomers has discovered the presence in the system of the star Beta Painter, is the second giant exoplanets.

the Planetary system is located at a distance of about 63 light-years from Earth, and its age is estimated at only 20 million years. It has a circumstellar disk of gas and dust and a huge number of aksakal. In 2008 it was opened the planet Beta Pictoris b, a gas giant, with a mass of about 9-13 times larger than the Jupiter. Rotates around its axis for 8 hours, and around the star Beta Painter for 22 years. From the star it is separated by a distance of 9 astronomical units.

New planet discovered by Anne-Marie Lagrange from the Institute of planetology and astrophysics in Grenoble and colleagues and named Beta Pictoris c, has a mass about 9 times the mass of Jupiter, and is much closer to its star. It orbits at an average distance of 2.7 astronomical units from the star, and its orbital period of about 1200 days.

"We had more than a decade to analyze spectroscopic data of high resolution HARPS, to indirectly detect the presence of Beta Pictoris c" — say astronomers. They hope to learn more about planet data from the Gaia space telescope and Extremely Large Telescope being built in Chile. "Because the semimajor axis of its orbit is significantly less than that of Beta Pictoris b, it is possible to observe the passage of the planets against the background of its star, explain the study authors. — This will allow you to explore its atmosphere and the passage of the hill sphere region in which a planet keeps its satellites, will allow you to search for the satellites or circumplanetary rings around Beta Pictoris c".

About the discovery is reported in an article in the journal Nature Astronomy.