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What are varicose veins and how to prevent its development? :.: Article 19.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Varicose veins is not just a aesthetic flaw, which ashamed to show others their feet, and serious disease. The victim of this disease could be any of us, regardless of gender. From varicose veins suffer not only women but also men. Although according to statistics this disease occurs in men is 5 times rarer than in women. Most of the ladies faces for the first time varicose veins during pregnancy. The disease manifests itself, starting from the fifth month of pregnancy. With each subsequent pregnancy, the problem is compounded. The disease occurs postepennoe: Depositphotos This disease does not occur instantly. At first, the women noted an increase in swelling in the legs, especially the feet and the lower part of the legs. Swelling accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms: fatigue;heaviness in legs;fatigue;pain;spasms in the area of calf muscles. However, most women ignore these first symptoms of varicose veins. Many do not pay attention to progressive disease even when on the surface of the skin of the lower extremities through the mesh of the vessels, the so-called "stars" or "spiders", as well as bulging from the skin segmental vein. And making a big mistake! If you ignore your health at this stage of the disease, further symptoms will be exacerbated. The disease starts to progress, causing more swelling and pain. The disease does not go away on its own by sabetta: Depositphotos Naive to believe that the varicose veins may pass on its own. If the first light stages can slow the pace of its development is available home remedies, then the later without consulting the doctor serious treatment would no longer be necessary. The best way to avoid problems is prevention. As a preventive measure and at the first symptoms of varicose veins should take the following steps: After a hard day not to forget to take care of, to relieve fatigue and swelling of legs with water treatment. Do a cool foot bath with addition of sea salt. The concentration should correspond to that which is natural sea water. Immerse in salt water the legs mid-calf, and hold it in the "artificial sea" for at least 10 minutes.Another simple way to relieve fatigue is to stop lifting above chest level. Enough to lie down on the couch and put his legs on the pillow so that they were above the chest at least 15 cm.During sedentary work is recommended to ensure that the legs went numb. To do this, often talking them under the table or pulling, thus increasing the blood circulation. Every hour take a short break to stand up and walk about and stretch your legs. It is also a good prevention of the disease and reduce its symptoms in the initial stages. If varicose veins have already appeared, in the form of a vascular net on his feet, you should not postpone the issue. Should immediately seek help from a doctor. Take action without delay. The disease is not ostanovitsya: Depositphotos today, there are different methods of treatment of this disease. Thanks to the efforts of physicians phlebology, which is concerned with the problem of varicose veins, aimed at application of modern scientific achievements in the field of medicine, the treatment occurs without damage to health and allows you to completely restore the function of the venous system. Take care of the health of their feet, engaged in the prevention of varicose veins daily. If the disease is already making itself felt swelling and heaviness in the legs, tread the venous mesh, do not ignore it. Seem specialist. Early treatment will prevent complications and to get rid of this unpleasant disease. ...

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