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You want coffee – what's cooking? :.: Article 19.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

For About four centuries the Russian people drink coffee. Many important not only when drinking, but also process coffee, which is sometimes associated with the nuances of cooking with secret ingredients. But no secrets will help, if coffee is used poor quality cookware. Vessel for brewing proper coffee came to our country from Turkey, and therefore called in the vernacular "the Turk", while the homeland is called "pots". What material should be pots of: aluminum, copper or ceramics; what form should have the best erection drink? How to find the perfect Turku? Reasons for careful selection of Turkish Coffee cooked traditionally on hot sand. Then all the pots evenly and sufficiently heated, and turns out a fragrant, full-bodied taste of the drink. Photo: Depositphotos In a city apartment preparation conditions and the others in gas or electric stove. Therefore, it is of a dish depend on the nuances of heating. Very important is the characteristic of heat conductivity: it depends on how quickly the coffee will reach the boiling point. The process of interaction with the ground coffee and water is called extraction. It should be slow, but the heating should not be too weak. It is when these conditions are fulfilled, the fragrance reveals to the maximum, and the temperature of the drink will be optimal. Just the choice of the Turks and influences, how will the extraction. Material the Turks Despite the fact that a Turk can be made of different metals, it is better to choose copper. But if to speak about other materials, then ceramic. And which is better — copper or ceramic? Ceramic Turks fragile and derogate: Depositphotos advantages of ceramic Turks: It withstands high temperatures and sudden changes, so do not be afraid that the Turk will burst, even if its remove from the heat and immediately place it under the faucet with cold water. From ceramic pots to the optimum level of thermal conductivity. Thick walls enable to heat the drink is not very fast, but not very slowly, and then coffee can "walk" in the Turk, as in a thermos, continuing the extraction process. It does not absorb odors and flavors (unlike clay, which absorbs the smell, and therefore it is to brew coffee only one variety, otherwise you'll get some kind of vinaigrette). It has a more attractive and varied design. Ceramic — safe for use material, whereas copper can release toxic substances if it is inside the Turk not covered by special trains. The downsides of ceramic Turks a bit: the fragility of the material and the price is much higher. Copper Turk needs to be covered inside of the insulating materialinput: Depositphotos advantages of copper Turks: the Ductility of copper allows the manufacturer to give the pots a fairly representative view. Copper is also distinguished by an optimal high conductivity. A relatively inexpensive material, gives the ability to sell the Turks on the cheap. For protection from harmful compounds Turku from the copper inside is covered with an insulating material. In this case, it is safe. The Turks form a Narrow neck and wide devoto: Depositphotos When you need to pay attention to the main criteria: the neck, the thickness of the bottom, the length of the handle. Perfect Turk — cone-shaped because the bottom should be wide and thick for proper heat, and the neck narrow. Then coffee will be covered with thick foam, and the aroma is better preserved. Another important detail — long handle made from a material which is not heated. The explanation is very simple: coffee need not to burn my hands and time to remove the drink with a plate, until he ran away. Best handle — wood: it's beautiful and environmentally friendly. And it is very important that the handle was well attached to the pots. If the handle detaches, it is better to be screwed to the pan. Volume the Volume of the Turks, the Turks should be nepalisite: Depositphotos is the Volume of the purchased vessel for brewing drink is also very important. Of course, when buying each involves, how many cups of coffee at a time will need to cook. But buying Turku volume more than 200 ml is not necessary, although now you can buy half-liter. The appearance of these volumes dictated by demand. However, really good coffee can be prepared only in small Turk — one or two cups. Coffee in a Cup will hit the foam, the flavor will be more intense. Of course, the brewing of the beverage is important not only what to cook but what to cook: only need to use the proper grind of quality coffee beans, you need the unconditional ability to brew coffee. Photo: Depositphotos But well-chosen dishes, too much to like with pleasure to get up in the morning for a Cup of coffee. ...

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