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Why use pine essential oil? :.: Article 19.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Pine Essential oil is quite common. It is known that in its composition includes a large number of biologically active substances. Precisely because of this pine oil is widely used in a variety of areas. How it works? The broader effects of pine oil on the body due to the following effects of this substance: antiseptic activity, which results in a disinfecting effect;anti-inflammatory;regenerating;diuretic and diaphoretic effects;a General stimulating effect. What is used? Photo: Depositphotos is the use of essential oil of pine is quite extensive. Thanks to its rich composition, it finds its application in everyday life and in folk medicine as remedies for aromatherapy and as a component in mixtures for therapeutic application to the skin and rubbing. In particular, experts in the methods of folk medicine recommend the use of it in the following diseases: burns;rheumatism;frostbite;scurvy;bleeding;disorders of the nervous system;depression;exposure to stressful conditions;asthenia;fever, colds;cough;myositis;neuralgia;headache. Could it hurt? Photo: Depositphotos Every body is different. Even if the treatment is suitable to the vast majority, that at someone it can cause adverse reactions. Absolute safety of vegetable origin is an illusion. In particular, it is necessary to keep in mind the following features of pine essential oil: Like almost any product, it can cause an allergic reaction. To avoid such trouble, before starting regular use, you should check how it will respond to the substance of a small area of the skin.When applied to the skin in pure pine essential oil can cause marked irritation, even in the absence of Allergy. In this regard, for application to the skin, it is recommended to prepare the mixture of pine and ether base oil is a neutral, non-irritating. In this capacity, optimal use almond, apricot or peach oil. The recommended ratio of ingredients in the mixture is 1:10. Special care must be taken when using pine oil should respect the elderly, as well as having a tendency to raise blood pressure and heart rhythm disorders; it's invigorating qualities of this natural ingredient. If there is a predisposition, it can cause increased blood pressure or excessive acceleration of heart rate. Patients who have a tendency to such conditions, before applying consult with your doctor. You should not use pine essential oil in all cases when contraindicated diuretics. Photo: Depositphotos But not only for the recovery of such used oil... Essential oil of pine can be used for the separation of metals from ore. In particular, if you add it together with the xanthate to the solution of gold-bearing soil on the surface of the solution appears foam with gold. Pine essential oil can be used in various ways, using for the treatment of diseases, for example, for wet cleaning. First, do no harm. Therefore, before an independent application, even when there is the slightest doubt, you need to first consult with your doctor to make sure there are no contraindications. ...

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