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What gifts to bring from Munich. :.: Article 19.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

When a tourist, who returned from a long trip, still only puts down the hallway in his heavy suitcases, his family members (of course, after the hot hugs and kisses) is already looking with curious eyes on these road cases. Their impatience is understandable: everyone wants to know what secret depths of the bags, what Souvenirs have brought them to a relative from a distant land? Any of the cities in the world will want to boast something special, unusual, memorable and at the same time — "useful in practice". No exception and Bavaria. Experts suggest that to seize as a gift from Munich, what to bring gifts? There are several: the lion — the symbol of Bavaria, so the figure of a lion here you can buy vendetta: Depositphotos 1. Lion. Unlike the capital of Germany, where almost all of the shop Windows in the guest country looking all kinds of bears, here the priority is given to the king of beasts. Have the opportunity to choose a toy of any size or in a pinch — just a fridge magnet. Often the beast is the symbol of the city flaunts in the Bavarian national dress. 2. National costume often buy separately. Of course, the outfits are handmade are valued more. For women, they are called "dirndl" (Dirndl), and strong gender chooses "lederhosen" (Lederhose). National costume, especially women's, is recognizable in all of mirafoto: Depositphotos 3. Hats for men — a separate issue. Their style and special fields famously bent at the back clearly and sharply lowered in the front. Strictly speaking, the fit of the headwear belongs to the neighboring province. However, Tyrolese (from the friendly Austria) don't mind them so recognisable — hat with feather is sold in Germany as an original souvenir. 4. Without the beer too, no doubt. Or rather, no dishes with beer. Especially popular are Makruh (Maßrug) that hold a whole liter of noble national drink. Photo: Depositphotos 5. As a rule, a beer washed down with a rich, dense food. Often the latter are meats — sausages (white). And what meat without mustard? Yes, here it is — sweet Bavarian mustard, impatiently waiting for the buyer on a shelf in the gift shop! Mistress lovingly Packed in beautiful jar of seasoning will be a wonderful decoration of any holiday table. 6. Sweets will always serve as a worthy conclusion of the feast. Here will be useful pastry under the telling title Lebkuchen (lebkuchen) — "gingerbread". Made from a special dough stylized "heart" will fill the contents of the suitcase of the traveler the flavor of cloves and cinnamon and will be a great gift to family and friends. Especially nice detail: the carrot stays fresh for almost six months. And on perimeter there is the inscription (traditional well-wishing) edible colored icing. Here it is, Bayern!Photo: Depositphotos 7. Clothes, electronics, shoes, books. Often stock prices. In Munich you have the opportunity to shop in a large number of luxury brand stores. And, of course, to treat relatives who remained at home. So tired and happy meet in the wanderings of travelers Pets will not remain in the loser. At the bottom of road trunks and in the middle of roomy suitcases waiting for their ordered clothes, sweets, jewelry. And, of course, nice Souvenirs and gifts. ...

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