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What is the assumption? Interesting facts :.: Article 20.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

The Christian feast of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary for many centuries, is celebrated by our Orthodox Church on August 28. He refers to the biggest Marian holidays, the threshold of which Christians have a special prayer of repentance and hold the post. The study records the Events of the assumption are not mentioned in the gospel. But many legends and records preserved by the people who saw this great event, accompanied by many miracles. The earliest record of a physical Exodus of the virgin Mary was made by Dionysius the Areopagite in the first century. Then followed a description of the assumption in the works of Meliton (Sardis cleric) and Epiphanios of Cyprus (the Saint). In the study of records can truthfully say that before her Assumption the lady was in Jerusalem. Vladimir icon of Materite: By that time, the fame had gone throughout all the land, so envious and proud people repeatedly plotting to kill her. However, the Lord protected her. She all his free time in prayer. Sometimes the virgin came to the location of the Holy Sepulchre, offered there is the incense, and offered up a prayer of genuflection. The enemies of Jesus Christ, to stop it, put the guard there, but she was held there, invisibly. Palm branch Once at the Holy Sepulchre the virgin Mary was visited by the Archangel Gabriel. He gave her a palm branch and were informed of the pending outcome. Archangel Gabriel brings the virgin Mary the news of the forthcoming demise, Maesta Duccio, 1308-1311 years Photo: Returning to Bethlehem with a palm branch, the virgin sent a messenger to the disciples of the Lord, and the righteous Joseph found out about the upcoming event. Through the prayer of the blessed virgin, the Holy Spirit moved the Apostle John from Ephesus to the place lying down. After volkoren incense, John saw many who came down from heaven the bodiless angels. Around the beautifully decorated with a Audra Holy apostles and Seraphim sang hymns waiting for the Son of God. On the third hour of the ceremony, everyone was spooked in the upper part of the room of the King of Glory in the extraordinary blinding light. Surrounded by angels and prophets soul of the blessed virgin passed into the hands of the Son. The joyful singing of the angels cried out, "Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee...". These words eventually became the divine Liturgy in honor of the Church feast of the assumption. Funeral procession the Burial of the virgin, Duccio, Maestrotv: Solemn procession with the coffin of the Mother of God, accompanied by the disciples of Jesus Christ passed from Zion to Gethsemane. The chief priests and the scribes, angry from the grandeur of the ceremony, sent soldiers to break up people and burn the coffin. However, over accompanied the procession emerged cloud crown, which became an obstacle for the enemy. Many pursuers blind. In addition, the shock to people was another miracle. Rage and envy of Jewish the Rabbi Eufonia made an attempt to overturn the coffin, and then his hands were cut off invisible angelic force. Seeing this miracle, the priest with faith, recognized the greatness of the virgin, and then miraculously the Apostle Peter restored the sinner severed hands. The icon of Theophanes the Greek the Dormition of the virgin, 1392, the turnover of the don icon of Materite: Great miracles after the death of the virgin Mary, a Miracle happened and 3 days after the death of the virgin. Latecomers to the ceremony the Apostle Thomas fell into despair due to the fact that I could not say goodbye with virgin. Taking pity on him, the apostles decided to move the stone from the cave to allow Thomas to worship the body. However, in the cave of the body was not and was found only the burial cloths. Raphael painting contains the story of the assumption and coronaviridae: after Returning home, the apostles after the meal lifted up to God in prayer and once in heavenly glory saw the virgin Mary surrounded by angels. Such a wonderful glorification of the Theotokos was revealed in order that they always revered her as a Protectress and molitvennitsa before the Lord Jesus Christ....

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