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Who of the signs of the Zodiac is the most jealous? :.: Article 20.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Many people tend to be jealous of those they love. Someone's jealous quietly, to herself, not showing around in the shower a raging storm of emotions, and someone is making loud scandals and smashing crockery. To find out whether he inclined your partner to lose his head with jealousy, it is not necessary to test it in practice and give him a reason. Enough to ask for a hint to the zodiac. Find out who of the representatives of the zodiacal family is pathological jealous! Astrologers say about the five signs of the Zodiac, which is capable of insane jealousy. If you are in a relationship with one of them, beware! Under the influence of jealousy they become unruly. Who is it? Their unbridled jealousy you will have to pester the representative of the zodiacal constellation Taurus. This is a very powerful and stubborn people! Jealousy for them some sort of protective reaction, through which they demonstrate to your partner resentment and intransigence. Photo: Depositphotos If Taurus is jealous, it means you have lost his trust. He's not going to make a scene and show that mad at you, but will find a way to show you, that hurt to the depths of your lacking confidence behavior. Try not to give him cause for jealousy. It is still something to wave before the bull's red rag, with the only difference that you will not be attacked, and will be long and ignore and sulk. Among the most jealous of the representatives of the zodiacal circle the Cancer belongs. More suspicious and distrustful partner you will not find in the whole zodiac! He is very closed by nature. If it opens in front of you, then trust. Appreciate it! Jealous, Cancer becomes reserved, is fenced off from you. At this moment he is experiencing due to cheating from your side, the credit of his trust to you is exhausted. Most in the relationship, he needs the feeling of comfort and security that he feels only when he sees that love him, care about him. Photo: Depositphotos Jealousy in Cancer stems from a lack of self-confidence, from doubt, if it's good enough for someone she loves. Learn to listen to your favorite Cancer when he tells you about their feelings, worries or phobias. Encourage her. Try to convince your partner that for you he is the best. This will be a real panacea for the manifestations of jealousy on his part. No less jealous by nature Lions. Despite the arrogance inherent in this Regal sign of the Zodiac, Leo is very jealous. Jealousy causes him to lose composure. He starts to freak out. He has a tendency to dramatize and exaggerate. Even if the cause for which he is jealous, it seems ridiculous to you, Leo will be able to inflate out of molehills, making a lot of noise. Photo: Depositphotos is the Best way to calm the jealous man is often to remind him no reason for concern. Better not tease the Lion, causing jealousy, and assure that the reasons for it does not exist. This will only strengthen your relationship as a couple. Among the zodiacal jealous can be detected and Scorpio. Once lost the trust to your loved one, Scorpio will not be able to forgive. Even if you have lost the confidence of the elect will be by all available means to prove their love and devotion, the jealous man he no longer believes and digs in. Scorpio can be jealous, even without reason. It is impossible to dissuade! It boils passion and he starts to go crazy with rabid jealousy. Can only try to make your favorite Scorpio as he is, and not play on his feelings, trying to induce jealousy. These actions can be to lose it. The tendency towards destructive jealousy is observed in Capricorn. Capricorn, jealous, loses the trust of his partner. He immediately begins to think of escape. In his head thoughts about the breakup, causing this representative of the zodiacal family of genuine suffering. This can happen in cases when adultery was not. Suffice it to suspicion that the second half is he is not true to start the mechanism of jealousy in action. Photo: Depositphotos to avoid such situations, partner of Capricorn should be with him open and honest. This will help to avoid suspicion and deterioration in the relationship with him. If you are in a relationship with one of the most jealous signs of the Zodiac, do not tempt fate, do not let the cause for jealousy. This can only hurt your loving Union. ...

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