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How to prepare mushrooms for the winter? :.: Article 20.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Marinated mushrooms are a great appetizer, especially the mushrooms. This is a wonderful addition to any table — holiday or everyday, source of protein, good mood and memories of summer. Marinated mushrooms can be preserved long enough without losing its qualities and appearance. They come out very tasty and beautiful, if done correctly. How to prepare? For marinating, it is recommended to choose fresh young mushrooms, with still unrevealed rounded hats with a diameter of not more than 3-4 cm In the preparation of mushrooms is very important as carefully as possible to rinse, to eliminate the possibility of ingress of particles of the earth into a finished product. Photo: Preparatory manipulations the following: Pour the mushrooms in salted water, adding a tablespoon of salt to one litre of water.Let them stand 30 minutes. Make sure that all the trash floated to the surface, and rinse with clean water. The marinade will become clear and bright, if before cooking to clean off the mushrooms with their caps the available roughness. It is easy to do not too hard with a brush or sponge. Remove the foil from the legs and the legs are too long to trim. Leave 2-3 cm If the cut legs have quite tender, pickle them with hats. This is followed by the mushrooms and rinse thoroughly. Everything is ready for cooking. How to cook and what to add in the marinade? To prepare the marinade, it is desirable to use an enamel pan. To marinate 2 kg of mushrooms, you need to pour in a saucepan 1 liter of water. Bringing water to a boil, you can lay the prepared mushrooms. Cook the mushrooms for 45 minutes on a slow fire, skimming off the foam that will form on the surface. Photo: Depositphotos For preparing pickled mushrooms you will need: prepared mushrooms — 2 kg;water — 1 l sugar — 1 tbsp;Bay leaf — 2 PCs;salt — 2 tablespoons;garlic — 2 tooth.;pepper peas — 8 PCs.; acetic acid — 1 tbsp. l. of Course, tastes differ. Someone standard recipe for making mushroom marinade may seem incomplete. Fans of spicy snacks can increase the amount of garlic or pepper. Variety and taste nuances will allow the following spices: ground cinnamon — 1 pinch ;fennel seeds (to taste);sweet pepper — 1-2 peas;cloves — 1-2 PCs (like fennel seeds, it gives the finished mushrooms a very special fragrance). In a pan with mushrooms, add salt, sugar, acetic acid and spices. Cook the mushrooms in the marinade is sufficient for 15-17 minutes. If the marinade is ready, it seems too bland, you can add salt and acetic acid. While self-selection of the quantity of spices is necessary to remember that mushrooms stored in the marinade and soaked them, will taste slightly less sharp than the marinade in the cooking process. Photo: Depositphotos Cooked! What's next? Ready mushrooms, not cooling, together with the marinade should be poured in pre-sterilized banks and close the screw-caps. No seaming such a blank keep it in the fridge. ...

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