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Than beneficial cosmetic clay? :.: Article 21.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

One affordable and effective care products for hair and skin is a cosmetic clay. It costs pennies, you can buy it at any pharmacy, and the result of the use of this product will please any woman regardless of age. What is it useful? There are many types of cosmetic clay. Making the choice when buying, focus on the needs of your skin. Choose clay: White (kaolin) — for Facials. It will help to whiten the skin, cleanses it from dirt, narrows pores, will contribute to the regeneration of the skin. In addition, on the basis of white clay make a great nourishing mask. Photo: Depositphotos the kaolin has pronounced antiseptic properties, making it an indispensable component of care for problem skin, prone to high fat content and the appearance of rashes. Minus the mask of white clay is its tendency to dry the skin, so girls with dry and prone to flaking skin they are not recommended. Green if have an issue with high fat and rashes. It has the ability to deeply cleanse and tone the skin. Masks based on it are an excellent way to nourish the skin with mineral substances: manganese, phosphorus, zinc, molybdenum, silver, iron and others. Photo: Depositphotos Green clay can be recommended to women because it gives a great tightening effect. Through the use of cosmetics strengthens the facial contours, improves skin elasticity. Blue rich in many nutrients (salts and minerals), use masks, detoxification and nutrition of the skin. It is a good antiseptic. The application of this cosmetic product helps smooth wrinkles, hydrate the skin. In addition, this variety of clay is an effective anti-cellulite remedy. Use it also as a means of strengthening the hair, able to solve the problem of hair loss. Photo: Depositphotos Red that can help to improve blood circulation and nutrition of the skin of the face. It is also indicated for people suffering from rosacea. The use of this tool will help to eliminate the problem of peeling and redness, relieve Allergy symptoms. This kind of cosmetic clay is good for women who have sensitive type of skin. Gray, providing a skin tightening effect. It improves tone. Recommended by cosmetologists Mature women, faced with the problem of skin aging. Black, carbon rich compounds and many useful microelements (magnesium, iron), are encouraged to apply as the strongest antiseptic for the skin. It is ideal for women with problematic oily skin, prone to rashes. Photo: Depositphotos, It is used for anti-cellulite treatments. A clay mask for oily seborrhea of the scalp. Yellow, characterized by high contents of such trace elements as iron, used as exfoliating agent. Thanks to the masks on the basis of its toxins, improves complexion, the skin is saturated with oxygen. Yellow clay helps to fight the problem of dandruff. It is recommended for dry type of hair. If you have not included this affordable but effective cosmetic product in the program of skin care face and body and hair, try to use it. The results will surprise you. ...

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