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How to save money when renewing the license of FSB to state secret? :.: Article 21.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

For the first time, the license of FSB to work with state secret shall be issued for a period of three years. After this period, the company must re-apply to the licensing authority and re-pass all inspections. In case of renewal permits, as in the primary treatment, are required: an Agreement of intent with the customer closed works.Confirmation of the degree of secrecy.The admission Director to state secrets.The identity of the Director of training (or certification).The contract with RSP (or your own 1st division).The conclusion of specexport. Nevertheless, the procedure of extending a license of the FSB has a number of features, knowing which the company can save their resources and to solve the problem much faster. When it's time to renew the license of the FSB's Most important — not to lose time. Optimally to begin the renewal in the last months of the current license. First and foremost, this is due to the expiration of the permit the Director General to the state secret, to getting (collection of certificates, filling in forms, checking FSB) to spend 4-6 months. Renewed license under the current permit, this step is simply omitted! Unfortunately, most companies are "recalls" the need to extend the license when it expired on its expiration date. For example, during the preparation of package of documents for participation in public procurement: does not have permission to work with the state secret — there is no victory in the tender. However, profit is not the only thing that company loses in this case. Significantly complicated the procedure of renewal. Theoretically, when the license ends, the Director of the company about six months remains a work permit, right? Nevertheless, its action can be stopped almost simultaneously with the license if RSP will be sent to FSB the appropriate treatment. In practice, additional time is simply not available. If the company promptly will prepare the following documents and apply for re-licensing, the permit will remain valid. The CEO will not have time to pass all tests. How to find a customer covert operations When the license of the FSB, the company can confirm the degree of secrecy of the current contract or to find new customer closed works. Often, even when re-execution of permits, there are problems with customer services (for example, cooperation with the previous one ended, and new and not found). If you own to resolve the issue fails, you should contact a consulting firm that organizes negotiations with relevant customers, provide support at the conclusion of the Treaty and the passage of licensing procedures. Re-license of FSB to state secret shall be issued for a period of 5 years. It is important to remember that this period may be limited by the duration of the licenses of RSP, with whom a contract for services for the protection of classified information. Source: