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Physicists have decoded the invisible marks on ancient Egyptian papyrus

NEWS PLANET 21.08.2019 at 06:35

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Scientists from the Center for Helmholtz, which is in Germany, helped to decipher ancient papyrus, using new technology. The study was conducted on the discovered almost a hundred years ago, the artifact, the portal PLANETANOVOSTI with reference to Journal of Cultural Heritage.

scientists Previously believed the papyrus is completely empty, but in a subsequent study, it was discovered that there are clear enough signs that you can read. The document refers to the incredibly fragile artifacts that can at any second to crumble, so to study the papyrus was incredibly difficult. Physicists have used x-ray fluorescence.

a well-Known fact is that for ink in Ancient Egypt it was used charcoal. If you wanted to make color printouts, the ink added a bit of iron, lead, copper or mercury. The ink was bright but had a short shelf life. If they keep long in the sun, they started to fade.

Scientists have decided that the inscription on an ancient document has not been encrypted. She started to go due to natural causes. Using the infrared spectrometer was able to establish the presence of lead in the ink. The experts added that they could not decipher the symbols, because, most likely, is the name of one of the ancient deities of Egypt.