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In Antarctica discovered a huge stone face

NEWS PLANET 21.08.2019 at 07:23

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In Antarctica was made a new find that has shocked scientists around the world. On Google maps was discovered a strange object that very much resembles "the Sphinx of Mars", reports the portal PLANETANOVOSTI with reference to Kabamur on Twitter.

On the strange "face", which was found on Mars, conspiracy theorists learned almost 50 years ago. Information spread rapidly after the publication of photographs taken by American station "Viking-1". After some time, NASA has provided images of higher resolution. They have not been "Martian Sphinx", but the conspiracy was not reassurance. They to this day say that on Mars there are pyramids and sphinxes, which are in the region of Kydonia.

Now, researchers are trying to explore Antarctica. They tweeted information about a very interesting discovery. Virtual scientist posted a photo of snow, against which to discern the mysterious "face". Netizens say that this is an ancient artifact whose appearance changes over time. Also, some people say that under the discovery can be tunnels, in which are hidden all the secrets of old civilizations.