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Until the end of the world only 9 days left: it will come true if the worst predictions of the famous prophet

NEWS PLANET 21.08.2019 at 13:50

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Some time ago, researchers stumbled upon one of the predictions of the well-known prophet Michel Nostradamus, which says about the Apocalypse. Supposedly soon the human race will end, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI

On the Earth will collapse disasters that take the lives of people. As noted at the source, during the third month of the Sun on the Champ de Mars will face a leopard and a boar. Gazing into the sky, the Leopard will notice a flying eagle. According to the prophet, 30 August 2019, will stop the Sun.

Experts have interpreted it this way: the boar and the leopard symbolize a catastrophic event. When the light will be in the constellation of Leo, the Earth will collapse a lot of elements. The disasters will cause a pole shift and disappearance of the magnetic field. Due to the sharp increase in temperature on earth almost all the water turns to steam, volcanoes will begin to "sprinkle" the lava.

the media regularly publish the prophecies of well-known and little-known personalities, who in the end did not come true. Perhaps this story is also not worth believing. The frequency of apocalyptic predictions increases each time. This obviously involved a certain media.