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Find the age of 8000 years has scientists baffled

NEWS PLANET 22.08.2019 at 07:43

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Some time ago, experts from the Maritime archaeological Foundation found off the coast of great Britain interesting object Builder, which was used in shipbuilding. Information about the discovery appeared on the website of the National Oceanography centre in Southampton, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.

it is Noted that in the area of Isle of Wight buried man-made item from wood. After analysis it turned out that he was 8 thousand years. Thus, the shipyard was created by ancient people from the stone age. Until now it was thought that the shipbuilding originated 5500 years ago (has been found suitable shipyard, created five thousand years ago).

At the shipyard, scientists have found a wide range of technologies that, as experts considered earlier, appeared much later. Example – high-quality processing of wood. The shipyard is buried at a depth of eleven metres, in the past the region was dry land where grows the dense vegetation. Most likely, the Isle of Wight then belonged to Eurasia.

the shipyard the archaeologists noticed back in 2005, but only now they got the technology, allowed to study the find.