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Disaster is inevitable: Elon Musk is confident that sooner or later will fall to Earth a huge asteroid

NEWS PLANET 22.08.2019 at 09:57

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Twitter continues to grow with apocalyptic predictions, the renowned entrepreneur Elon musk. Once again, the businessman said that a collision with an asteroid is rather large in size cannot be avoided. This message was a response to a tweet by television host Joe Rogan, informs a portal PLANETANOVOSTI.

the Story begins with the fact that Rogan posted a link to another article portal the Daily Express, which again raised the subject of the approach of Apophis to the Earth in 2029. Scientists say that earthlings have nothing to fear, because the probability of collision is equal to the statistical error.

Elon Musk, in turn, noted that the large "pebble" on the Ground still hit, and don't have to be Apophis. Mankind will not resist the disaster, because it simply has no defense. Some planetary protection is available, but it is not as effective as expected. For example, recently, the planet approached the body with a diameter of up to 130 metres at the distance of only 73 thousand miles, Scientists have noticed it only two hours after he flew past.

the Fall of an asteroid – rather, it is a statistic and not a prophecy. In the future definitely there will be a catastrophe that will destroy all. Even economist John Maynard Keynes said in the long run we are all dead.