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The ancient Egyptians came from Mars: UFO found in the picture of the red planet "sarcophagus"

NEWS PLANET 22.08.2019 at 14:54

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Scott Waring, a popular worldwide UFO researcher, while studying images obtained by NASA, noticed on one of them ancient "Egyptian sarcophagus" according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI with reference to the edition of The Sun.

Scott continually puts their very interesting and sometimes original posts on the site UFO Sightings Daily. His statements have the approval of a huge number of fans. Ufologist sure that his latest "discovery" is a clear indication of the ancient Egyptians came to our planet from Mars. He noted the fact that the weather in Egypt is very much like the weather conditions on Mars and Egypt even in appearance practically does not differ from the red planet. On Earth, you cannot find any more place which is so much like Mars. That such a statement was made by the UFO in another video posted on YouTube.

Scott performed the identification of the mysterious object in the picture of Mars, taken by NASA in 2007. NASA, in turn, provided information about what the photo shows layers of rock that are formed in one of the craters of Mars. Waring used the tools to edit images to emphasize the object, which he considered to be an Egyptian artifact.