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Coming true of the prophecy of the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler

NEWS PLANET 22.08.2019 at 15:52

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Johannes Kepler – German astronomer and mathematician. Throughout his life he studied the development and the bases of the heliocentric doctrine, created by Copernicus, according to the portal PLANETANOVOSTI.

At the time the scientist has done a lot not only important discoveries, but also of predictions. Due to the correct predictions, Kepler was able to get a reputation as a successful astrologer. Scientists began to say that some of the prophecies that were made by Kepler in 1610, is gradually coming true.

Experts who study the works of the scientist believe that the Sun will cause imminent end of the world. Kepler denied the fact that the universe is infinite. If it were infinite, it would exist a huge number of stars, would not remain any dark places and people everywhere would see the stars.

the Theory of Kepler also confirmed by the fact that a couple of days ago, the people of Iceland witnessed that disappeared glacier, which was more than 700 years. The block of ice was, to some extent, the starting point for the heat death of our Universe. The reasons include not only temperature change on Earth and in space. Kepler said that this will be the beginning of the thermodynamic processes occurring in the Universe.