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What to wear with platform sandals — the best combination 21.08.2019 at 17:46

Platform Sandals — a combination of comfort and femininity. You can spend the whole day in such shoes, while not forgetting about beauty and elegance. Another advantage of the platform — it lengthens and Slims the legs.

it is Important to remember that depending on the shape of the model of sandals to choose different. A lot depends on the clothes you wear platform sandals, because choosing it correctly, you will create a fashionable look that will look great. In this article you will learn how to do it.

to fit

Not all girls are looking massive high platform or heel. I do not advise to wear it:

Very thin and tall girls. Wearing these sandals, you will look ridiculous. Girls with full legs and voluminous hips. The platform will make the ankle more. Low girls with big size feet.

However, girls with magnificent forms do not need to completely abandon these shoes. Choose a model with a delicate platform that looks good with pants and light shirts. Skinny girls are advised to choose a low heel (5 cm). To make the image more harmonious will help straps and rope as decor and small pattern platform.

here, the low, perfectly folded girls can confidently wear sandals on a high platform. As they visually make you taller. This is perfect for chunky girls. Sandals makes you look more refined and slimmer.

the Types of sandals on the platform

types of platform are many, but the most popular:

the wedge (platform having a lift in the heel area) smooth the "hidden" platform, often combined with heel platform only podmazochnoj part of what to wear With

Frequently asked question — what can you wear platform sandals. A lot of options. It all depends on the shape, style, clothing, weather.

Many girls doubt — can I wear a gentle summer skirts and dresses with the gross platform. Such a combination is considered good due to the contrast between clothes and shoes. A great option is a pencil skirt, or Maxi pleated bright skirt. Cocktail or romantic, free length MIDI or Maxi, almost all models of dresses perfectly match with the platform.Wearing a dress-shirt or t-shirt will create a stylish and casual bow.

don't forget about jeans. Straight, skinny, banana, boyfriend, flared boldly wear sandals with platform. For Luke casual style choose plain t-shirt, you can throw a leather biker jacket. A more elegant way will work in combination with a blouse, shirt, long jacket.

platform Sandals and wedges fit Trouser suits and pants. You can wear unusual bright culottes, discreet classic suit. The heel should not be too massive, and the shoes are solid in calm shades.

platform Sandals with dresses

To create a Flirty way choose a short cotton dress. You can wear a dress in the romantic style or shift dress MIDI. Pick a cute platform sandals with straps or satin ribbons. The image should complement the headpiece, accessories, or a small bag. To wear platform sandals you can with the straight dresses and tee shirt.

what to wear With white platform sandals? They are ideal for a classic, plain and modest dress. You can choose a simple dress with tapered skirt. Unusual to pick up a bag that will be a highlight.

it is Important to remember that if you wear platform sandals extravagant, the clothes should be simple and restrained. It is not necessary to focus on two things at once. In this case, you will look silly.

Platform of cork or wood will create a feminine summer look. Pick a light airy dresses of MIDI length. You can throw a thin jacket or shirt. Outfit complete with glasses, a rope bag and a hat.

platform Sandals with jeans

to Combine platform sandals with jeans is a different cut. Skinny fit girls with a sports figure, the shoes should not be too massive. Up choose free — translucent blouse or shirt, top, you can throw a denim jacket or leather biker jacket.

straight-leg Jeans combined with sandals on a solid platform. The trend of this summer — culottes, which look perfect with the shoes. Pants and jeans in sporty style combine with sandals on a continuous sole, without a heel in the same style. To wear is unusual or plain t-shirt, Jersey, top.

Jeans bright colors, unusual styles, with embroidery, fading, wear with a relaxed monochrome sandals. It is not necessary to burden the way. Also pick up discreet.

platform Sandals with shorts

For a stylish summer bow fit shorts — both casual denim and classic evening. It is worth remembering that to wear platform sandals with shorts are recommended for girls with a toned figure. If you are the owner of magnificent forms and hips, choose pants or jeans.

For everyday style perfect denim shorts. Pick up light and airy — blouse, a thin t-shirt. Sandals should not be too massive and with a heel higher than 10 cm Image accessorize, bag.

Under classic suits with shorts fit plain neat sandals on a solid platform or heel. On top you can wear a loose jacket. The image of the complete restrained accessories and clutch.

to Wear platform sandals have been popular for several years. It is not strange — after all, convenience and comfort in a Shoe is provided. And by choosing the right clothes, you will look more stylish and feminine.

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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