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[the film which had a primer]

Blog Yandex 21.08.2019 at 11:15

Blog Yandex

People don't always remember the names of the movies that they watched. But the memory stuck firmly any detail related to this movie: for example, an unexpected plot twist, or another vivid scene or the name of the lead actor. The first thing that comes to mind when I wanted to remember the name. Therefore, the search for Yandex every day responding to queries like [the film in which space and McConaughey], [series where anything is unclear and there is a Corgi] or [the film where the man lived many men].

Such queries can tell a lot about how people perceive the movies: what characters, actions, and atmosphere characteristic of films from different countries and genres, what exactly remember specific characters — men and boys, gods and demons, cops and vampires. Read all about it in our new study. Bonus — movie descriptions of the ten words (try to guess what the tape is about) and theme stakeback for the telegram.

how Yandex search determines that [a movie where the aliens talked in circles and blots] is "Arrival", read in our blog "Habrahabr".

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