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The magic of beauty: the actress of the TV series "Gypsy" on how to cheat time

Article 21.08.2019 at 15:33

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Victoria Poltorak, star of the new project "Gypsy woman", showed a great form in a swimsuit. Subscribers actress was delighted with the photos and the comments filled Victoria with compliments: "Beauty", "good", "Victoria, You are gorgeous".

the recognition Poltorak, my physique is sufficiently strict. So she responds to comments subscribers: "Oh... If You knew how much I have to it (figure) issues." In response, the followers puzzled – looks Victoria any flaws they discover are unable. However, in another post, the actress jokingly writes: "the quickest way to freshen up: remove the noodles from the ears, from the soul – stone from the neck of the brazen people... Everything! You in perfect shape!".

it is Possible that such strict attitude is due to the fact that such a gorgeous girl not married, as well as lamented and subscribers, and Victoria herself. Regarding where to watch the husband when this beauty falls for the world to see Victoria with a little regret writes: "He (the husband) is really only figurative".

Victoria already visited twice married. The first name of her lover still is not known, the actress keeps it a secret. With her second husband – actor Maxim Drozd, Poltorak met on the set. Unfortunately, the marriage broke up after 5 years of marriage.

Fans advised Victoria not to be upset, because it all must be well. Now the actress is tightly engaged in various projects including the TV series "Gypsy", which will premiere on September 16 at 19:00 on channel Domashniy. The film is set for several years. In the melodrama of Victoria plays a 17-year old young Gypsy woman and her 20 years later. Not every actress can afford to play the role of a young girl, but Poltorak looks very organic, thanks to the talent and beautiful appearance.

to Stay in shape actress helps her strict but reasonable food. Victoria tries anything does not deny, he eats anything like that, but limits the amount of food and adheres to the system of 8/16, which is 8 hours a day you can eat what you want, but the other 16 are not allowed to eat anything because the body is resting and digesting already received food.

According to Victoria, she is not always able to adhere to such a philosophy, and sometimes she can gain a few extra pounds. But fast enough to get back in shape, it helps a special diet and exercise. The basis of this diet is a balanced meal, but in any case not a rejection of it, an adequate consumption of drinking water – 8-12 glasses a day and the rejection of salt, sugar, spices and oil. According to the actress, this diet is suitable for her, but contraindicated for people who have problems with the digestive system, gall bladder, pancreas.

Diet Victoria Poltorak:

day 1 – Any fruit (except bananas).

day 2 – Any vegetables (once allowed the potatoes steamed or boiled).

day 3 – All fruits and vegetables (except bananas and potatoes). Fruits and vegetables mix is not allowed.

day 4 – Three cups of milk and 8 to 10 bananas.

day 5 – 6-7 large tomatoes and a Cup of boiled rice for lunch. (To this day, one should increase the intake of water – from 12 to 15 glasses of water).

day 6 – Repeat day 3, but there is also a plate of boiled rice for lunch.

day 7 – Any vegetables (except potatoes), lunch allowed a big plate of rice. You can also indulge in a small amount of fresh juice.