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#dangerprone: where there are unsolicited credit cards and what to do with them themes of the day 20.08.2019 at 21:07

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The Bank may issue on behalf of the customer credit card, even if he didn't ask for. How is this possible what are the consequences and what to do next?

a Few years ago, a credit card could be in the mailbox nothing on her unsuspecting client. Financial institution sent a "promotional" plastic quite active. It was a pre-approved credit card with already set limit, the client only had to activate it.

Since the practice of sending cards with customer data in the mail was not always safe, large banks from it gradually declined. But pre-approved credit cards remained. For example, the Bank can send this by courier or personal Manager in addition to other products that the customer has requested. Another option — when a Bank within the marketing campaign sends a TEXT message on the issue of pre-approved credit cards, and invites you to come in her office. Finally, the client may suddenly discover a new credit account in your Bank.

pre-approved plastic banks generally offer potentially high-quality borrowers — the zarplatniki, with a good credit history and open accounts. "The advantage for the customer is a preferential service, reduced interest rate or other special conditions compared to standard card products," — says the expert Olga Stanchak. However, not all clients are happy to be among the "elite" borrowers, especially if they never wanted to be borrowers at all.

Unexpected credit card is not always pre-approved and are not necessarily issued by the Bank. The client may not be aware that he has been asked to produce his map. For example, if he signed the application for the issuance of consumer credits, not noticing in this paragraph on the issue of plastic.

the Ad unit if unsolicited credit card?

the Surprise in the form of credit card, even with the most favorable conditions of service, will be happy not everyone. In the "people's rating" of you can find a lot of complaints of such unsolicited credit cards.

Some people are afraid that they will have to pay for the service issued the card or go to the Bank branch for withdrawal from it. In fact, until the customer signed the contract and never activated the card, obligations to the Bank he didn't have. That is, no fees for the issuance of pre-approved plastic or maintenance fee inactive card should not be.

Another common concern is the level of credit history and calculation of debt burden. Banks and credit bureaus claim that the stock issued, but not activated a credit card should not affect the scoring point and, therefore, create problems when applying for another loan in the future.

"pre-approved credit card is a marketing the Bank's offer, but not a credit obligation of a borrower, so credit history, it should not be reflected", — says marketing Director of United credit Bureau Ekaterina Kotova. Ideally, the mark of the KJV should appear after the customer has signed the documents on receiving the credit cards or otherwise confirmed its receipt, the Deputy General Director of "Regional" Igor Lisyansky. It was at this point the Bank and the client shall be obliged on a credit card, and for the next five days, the relevant information must be transferred in BKI and are reflected in the credit history.

"technical information on non-activated credit card Bank transfer can. With the receipt of the borrower's card and prior to its activation in the field limit for this card will be a value of "0", — said marketing Director of National Bureau of credit histories (NBCH) Alexey Volkov. Thus, he adds, to increase of debt load the card technically should not influence.

"In some cases, lenders provide information to credit Bureau without waiting for customer confirmation of receipt of the card," said Lisyansky. To exclude such situations, he advises from time to time to check your credit history. If the Bank gave information about issued customer credit card in the KJV, it is necessary to challenge it by submitting a corresponding statement to the credit Bureau.

to take or not to Take?

If you issued unsolicited credit card and she is waiting for you in the Bank or mailbox, you should not ignore it. If you do not plan to use it, you need to inform the Bank. It does not always need to go to the office, sometimes it is enough to call the contact center. You must make sure that the card is blocked and destroyed, and also check your credit history.

If you decided not to abandon this "foundling", please read carefully the terms of issue, servicing and repayment of the loan before it is activated.