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Why card installment does not become competitors POS loans themes of the day 22.08.2019 at 21:03

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Card installments could not supplant POS-loans: banks are expanding in new segments, introducing new technologies. But the new requirements of the Central Bank may be a threat to POS business.

POS-crediting is one of the most adaptive and "tenacious" trends in retail banking. This segment was the first to recover after the crisis 2014-2015: the growth of the portfolio of POS-loans in the whole banking system has resumed in the second half of 2016.

Banks, which traditionally was the leader in this segment continues to see his prospects and continue to develop it. We will remind, refused to work with the POS-lending, alpha Bank announcing it last fall.

"POS loan is one of the main starting products for retail banks in establishing relationships with reliable clients, — the Director of Department of sales of Bank products of Bank "the Renaissance the Credit" Sergey Vasilev. — This market has natural limitations and is less than 2% of the total retail lending market. But despite this, he continues to attract new members who seek to increase their share in the POS segment and then use these customers for repeat sales to them other banking products. Today it is the most competitive segment of retail banking and therefore the most developed in terms of technology and service."

the POS or installments?

a Serious competitor to POS loans, according to some experts, could be the card installments. The first of these appeared on the market in 2016. After many other lending agencies have launched their own equivalent. Now, however, bankers indicate that they are completely different products. "Card installments quite actively moving on the market, but the classic POS-loans still remain the most popular offer for purchase of goods in trading networks", — noted in press service of the Bank "East".

According to the Director of development partner network Mail Bank Andrey Pavlov, distribution maps installment has not led and will not lead to a decrease in demand for POS loans, which are still in demand among buyers. "In their logic, POS-and credit card installments close. But the capabilities of different products are having different category of consumers, he explains. For those who are accustomed to the POS loan, this product is easier, clearer and, most importantly, profitable. 80% of all loans in our Bank is a installment. Medium term installment in our Bank is 18 months. No card provides an interest-free period of 18 months".

Andrei Pavlov believes that card installments can be considered as a complementary tool to existing sales channels, which allows to issue the credit in those segments where POS-sale is not available due to the low average ticket, or simply unpopular with borrowers.

"Cards and installment of the program has certainly found his client, taking the part of the market for lending. Today the market portfolio debt represents approximately one third of the market POS-credits, — says Sergei Vasiliev. — In a number of situations for clients POS-credit still remains more profitable, simpler and easier than card installments, so the question of a complete substitution of one product with another is not in principle".

Technologies and products

participants of the market of POS-lending, Banks interviewed by the, note that I plan to continue to develop this area using new approaches. Some banks went to new segments, where previously POS-credits were not given. For example, in "the Renaissance the Credit" actively explore the direction of motorcycles. MTS Bank with several partners is launching the projects associated with the study segment. Also, the Bank plans to launch a pilot network of jewelry, at the moment the project is in the stage of discussion of conditions. And Mail the Bank a year ago started to work with pre-fabricated houses and is actively developing this direction.

Many banks rely on the availability of the environment and technology. About 80% of the portfolio of POS-loans are now accounted for in interest-free installments, the popularity of which is growing, points out the analyst of "home Loan" Stanislav Duginski. According to him, around 20% of such Bank loans issued through online channels, in 2017, the Bank launched the first online marketplace installments. "And last year, our Bank has issued a loan remotely, identifying the borrower through a Single biometric system — like Duginski. — It was a POS-the credit for the purchase of cleaner on the website of our partner". Today, "home Credit" issue such loans with the use of biometrics on the websites of the five partners.

In the Bank "East" said that preparing technological innovation, which will lend to customers faster and more efficiently. We are talking about the possibility of registration of POS-credit for digital signature and lending clients in the online stores. And in MTS Bank in June 2019, to have implemented a technology called "full bezumie" for their clients signing contract via SMS and sending loan documents via e-mail. According to the head of sales of POS-loans MTS Bank Arthur Melnikov, in the near future the credit organisation will launch this technology signing in a retail network of MTS and other partners of the Bank in the issuance of POS-loans, including in online stores.

Loan home

the Post the Bank in addition to entering into new segments, recently announced the launch of new technology sales of POS-loans: apply for the loan customers in the near to home or store client centre of the Bank or branch of Mail of Russia. The new technology will cover more than 4.5 thousand service points of the Bank in more than 1.7 thousand settlements of Russia, half of which are located in rural areas.

According to Andrey Pavlov, this technology pre-piloted in several regions. Commercial enterprises connected point to test the technical and technological nuances of the new model and to assess the economic potential of the new scheme. The pilot showed that the POS-lending through its own network of the Bank has the potential: of the total number of customers who have POS-loans for new technologies in the framework of the pilot project, 67% were new customers. The use of this technology the sale of the Bank in retail outlets that do not have the opportunity to apply for loans, increased by 15%.

the Post the Bank indicate that before selling goods on credit was complicated by technical capabilities: there were no points where the client could authenticate and sign documents, primarily the agreement of a simple electronic signature. Now the buyer can identify the nearest home store or service point of the Bank, and then receive your purchase in a convenient way.

to Rise not fall

According to the analytical Agency Frank RG, the portfolio of POS loans granted by Russian banks on July 1, 2019 amounted to 258 billion rubles. The peak rates of market growth in the past: as recalled by Sergey Vasiliev of the "Renaissance Credit", the last local peak annual growth rates above 20%, POS-lending was at the end of 2017. Since then, the pace gradually slowed and in the middle of the current year was already less than 9%. "Relative to the current income and debt load of the population the segment of POS loans reached its natural boundaries, so in the foreseeable future, expect preservation of the tendency to slowdown in its growth," he said.

on the prospects of development of the POS market in credit institutions is dominated by moderate sentiments: in addition to the natural slowdown, it will affect the new regulatory requirements. From 1 October 2019 onwards, the CB caps to limit the debt load (PD) citizens. This figure will be calculated as the ratio of monthly payments of the borrower on all loans to the value of the average monthly income. When it is calculated the banks will use the information on confirmed client's income and information about all issued loans from the credit Bureau.

"According to our forecasts, the volume of issuance of POS-loans will continue to grow due to the increase in the average ticket retailers, but the number of disbursements will be reduced — including in connection with the policy of the regulator, aimed at reducing credit and debt of borrowers", — says Andrey Pavlov Mail from the Bank. Sergei Vasiliev believes that the POS-crediting market will grow, but only slightly, showing a growth rate close to inflation. And in Bank "the East" on the contrary, it even predicts a slight decrease. The same opinion and Arthur Melnikov from MTS Bank.