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Culture / Visual arts

PERSONAL EXHIBITION of honored artist of the Republic of Belarus URAL MUKHAMETSHIN (1953-2016) from the collection of BGHM them. M. V. Nesterov

The main strip 26.08.2019 at 07:49

From the collection of BGHM them. M. V. Nesterov invites you to get acquainted with the Bashkir classical fine art. The works of honored artist U. G. Mukhametshin (1953-2016) reproduce the images, performed by folk national spirit based on national traditions, the study of history, culture, religion, peoples Republic of Bashkortostan. The exhibition presents portraits of ordinary citizens of the Bashkir villages, genre scenes of rural life. U. G. Mukhametshin - the artist, continues in the first place, tradition and the conquest of the Bashkir artists of the previous generation, so-called sixties. Emerging in those years, the trend of appealing to the theme of the village and the province, the continuation of the foundations of "rustic realism" is the main source of the artist.

As we know, in the Russian art in the development of the rural theme has several phases that differ in the continuity and are essentially entirely dependent on the translational motion of Russian culture and social thought. In the history of Russian art of the XIX and early XX centuries the rustic theme that has several stages, starting with the enthusiastic and idealistic relationship (Venetsianov), critical period (Wanderers), impressionistic-hedonistic ("Union of Russian artists"), leaving the artists-realists of the middle and second half of the twentieth century the richest Arsenal of imaginative tools.