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Gardening in late summer - the necessary procedures retail and distribution 26.08.2019 at 14:30

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Summer season is coming to an end, and in that time the garden in the suburban area requires special attention. The harvest is just one of the essential types of work at the end of August. What else you should not forget the gardeners and any required procedures necessary to carry out?

, regardless of weather conditions mowing the lawn at this time of year is still relevant. With frequent rains, it is growing rapidly and it is important not to miss the right moment for shearing, to avoid the appearance of bald spots and yellowing. The optimal solution will be a weekly procedure.

At the end of summer you can already feed shrubs and perennial flowers. Fertilizer that is not nitrogen, but phosphorus and potassium. Perennials, such as peonies, Hosta, clematis and others, it's time to divide and replant. Trees and shrubs is the time to do sanitary and formative pruning, to remove withered blossoms. When heavy rains there is a possibility of soil moisture saturation. In such a situation, the water displaces the air needed for proper functioning of the plants. To avoid this, the recommended to loosen soil, supplying roots with oxygen.

To work in the garden in the weeks useful high-quality hand tools. Manufacturers of garden equipment offer equipment in different price ranges and for every taste. For example, the German brand GARDENA this year despite the range of three lines. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages.

Line ClassicLine laconic, high quality materials, and easy to use. Handles of tools made of wood. It is reliable and quite economical option.

Line NatureLine presented equipment such as rakes of various types, garden fork, cultivator, hoes, brushes and shovels. Cuttings tools are made of ash and have a D-shaped handle, are comfortable in the hand and guarantee an ergonomic position.

Lovers of maximum comfort when performing work in the country, it is recommended to pay attention to the ErgoLine series and its the new season - telescopic garden spade. This is particularly convenient tool for digging soil, removing, loosening and displacement of soil, and it is ideal for work in the garden in late summer. The shovel handle can easily be adjusted individually for height of the user. Length of shovel may vary from 106 cm to 126 cm. Wide foot rest with the special profile allows you to exert less effort when working through the ergonomics of the product and reduces the risk of injury. Some useful tools helpers significantly facilitate the work on the dacha, so that they are faster and more efficient.