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Modern solutions for comfort in the workplace retail and distribution 27.08.2019 at 17:20

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In the modern world principles of ergonomics have become increasingly important, as working life most people spend sitting at office Desk. Jobs, usually equipped with universal table, a chair and a computer. But such space is not always positively affects the health of employees: a long stay in an awkward position causes back pain, eye fatigue, but it also encourages the development of office syndrome. Moreover, the results of a study carried out by the Royal medical Association of great Britain, show that today every tenth employee has a "syndrome of office knee" is a condition caused by constant work in one place. 1 Thus, the organization of the workplace requires less attention and effort than a house or apartment – because at work we spend at least 7 hours a day. Company Fellowes is a global leading manufacturer of products for office, whose main goal is to make the office comfortable and effective.

One of the most common problems amongst office workers is a pain in the cervicothoracic spine. Due to the fact that the monitor is often located below eye level, therefore, have to pull the neck – and this leads to unwanted muscle tension. Wrong screen position also negatively affects the eyesight, which is already suffering from the constant work at the computer. Therefore, Fellowes provides a wide variety of stand under the monitor, through which the screen rises to eye level, thus providing the correct position.

it is also Important to take care of correct fit. Improper posture can cause poor circulation, discomfort in the back and, as a consequence, fatigue. Therefore, office workers are advised to use a special pillow for back and footrest, which is in the range Fellowes – together they provide the correct posture and minimize the risk of negative effects of sedentary work.

in Addition, it is necessary to care of a comfortable hand position – use mouse pads with the special plates will allow you to avoid unpleasant sensations in the wrist and the so-called "tunnel syndrome". Do not forget about cleanliness and hygiene, do things to distract and prevent to concentrate on work tasks, and a dirty monitor has a negative impact on the health of the eyes that get tired during the long working day. Fellowes cleaning products will help maintain the cleanliness of the screen, and accessories storage will be a great help for organization of working space.

in addition to a desktop computer, many people prefer to use laptops in the pace of modern life sometimes have to work remotely and on the go. In order to do the work on a portable device more convenient, you can use a special laptop stand Fellowes, which provides a comfortable viewing angle and comfortable position of the body. Moreover, it will help to prevent overheating of the device, as will not allow the tissues (e.g., covering of upholstered furniture) to block the ventilation. This stand will be a great help if an office worker prefers a standard computer laptop and cares about their health.

the Organization comfortable working space is one of the most important tasks to maintain the health of employees and achieving high productivity. It is therefore very important to make the office space as ergonomic as possible. The collection of accessories from the company Fellowes specifically designed to create a comfortable and functional workplace, both in the office and at home. To see the full range of ergonomic accessories Fellowes is possible in this booklet. And the rules of the organization comfortable working place is presented in a special booklet of the company.