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Journey through Bavaria: how to choose a hotel in Munich? :.: Article 25.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

After the advent of the Internet has significantly increased the opportunity to visit many interesting parts of Europe, like Bavaria, "exchange". Indeed, thanks to the worldwide Network became very popular virtual "clubs" that allow you to literally "few hands" to settle in a strange apartment and in a private home of the same of Munich. Of course, there are still a large number of travelers who prefer to live in hotels. So to future guests of the Gostiniy Dvor is only one task — to choose worthy. In this question, tourists will always help numerous guides, guides, maps. Will not remain in the side guides. Yes, and friendly locals, if you contact them with a question: "Where do you recommend to stay in your city?" — be sure to give sensible advice. However not want to be pre-in absentia to find hotels of the same Munich yourself, to learn about the differences and features. Consider the most famous of them. 1. Hotel Eder. Hotel EderFoto: Has three advantages: located near the Central station (1-2 minute walk);small, cozy, "family" — with just 25 rooms;in close proximity to the famous Theresienwiese (can be reached on foot in 10 minutes), here is the Oktoberfest. 2. Hotel Bayerischer is the biggest, even majestic. After all, he is in the Palace Mangels. Three upper floors plus the terrace is a SPA. Among the famous guests: Sigmund Freud, the Hollywood star, Queen Elizabeth of Austria. Hotel Bayerischer Photo: 3. Hotel Louis design. Thea Jorjadze — artist from Berlin (of Georgian descent) was decorated for his modern abstractions hall of the hotel. But in front of the stairs of the building extends Viktualienkmarkt — trade area. Here day and night full of life and constantly tempting smells of oysters. Hotel LouisFoto: 4. Hotel Hahn. Excellent: decorated with lots of cockerels. These wooden carved figurines fit perfectly in the "rustic" interior of the hotel. Stationary exhibition cuckoo clocks and beer on tap complete a stylized and idyllic picture of the typical Bavarian heartland. Hotel Nappoo: 5. Chip Hotel Vier Jaheszeiten — each room individually decorated. Built by king Maximilian II. Luxury is not "glaring", but it is noticeable is in the air Goodies. The exclusive interiors of the hotel will not get bored, but friendly staff member — "lady in red" (color of uniforms) — day features: ready to sew on a button, book a table at a restaurant, buy a ticket to the Opera. Hotel Vier JaheszeitenFoto: Having a reliable roof over your head, you can safely walk around the old city, enjoying its parks, gardens, fountains, museums. The residents of Munich are confident tourists will not disappoint. ...

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