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How to paint your nails? Novelties and fashion trends in fall 2019 :.: Article 25.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In the warm seasons increases the demand for the services of nail service. The first thing that interested in girls, is news. In terms of technique and innovation, fashion trends and variations. As a fashion back extensions, manicure hardware replaces manual is important to consider different design options in modern techniques. Fashion trends nail Polish for fall in the season 2019 embodied in nail art, painting and modeling design. Autumn manicure does not imply a complete rejection of increasing the camouflage base. On the contrary, trying to make it natural, masters resorted to the use of clean and pastel shades of the base layer. Features manicure autumn Photo: Depositphotos It is suitable for shape correction and follow-up application of gel Polish and for modelling the shape and nail plate with subsequent design. Will have to give up: the Long nails of the acute form.Fully transparent tones of the base layer.Deep dark colors. Popular matte finish and glossy tops. They go without a sticky layer, which allows to combine modeling and design without having the layered dry. The same applies to nail Polish for natural nails. Fashion trends Manicure gel system narashivanie: Source When it was fashionable to do 3D design from acrylic materials. Now the fashion returns technology modeling. To build using modern materials: glass fiber;silk;tips. This makes it easier to work with the building materials used to model forms. For 2019 it is fashionable to wear either tips or forms of the nails. They are processed from two sides of the base layer. Advantages: Not required substrate for the simulation.There is no need to shape the future of the nail.Trim only the free edge. Also different materials are used for design. Nail specialists use not only standard techniques, but and appliances, and consumables such as foil, crystals pixie. Colors and shades are Painted in the autumn of designette: Source Decorative involve the use of color gels and polymeric coatings with the pigment. Do not apply sticky tops to create a matte finish. But the fall will be the use of polopenze. It is combined with the intermediate colours, bright shades. Full Mat or gloss looks beautiful on the nails square and almond shape in autumn shades: purple;mint;pink;violet;powder;milk;blue;peach. Colors are combined with pastel shades. For short nails do fine scales, for a long, deep cool colors. You can also combine bright and cold and dark warm shades. Photo: Depositphotos Materials For design apply sudovye tones of autumn shades. We use polymer and acrylic consumables. If the manicure is done without increasing enough to cover the nail varnish and use the decoration items. To increase depending on the technique used: bio Gel for nails, which does not require filing.FIMO for design in context or rods.Stickers for photography.Aquarium nail tips for a quick increase top and form for a designer nail Polish.Gel system.Acrylic monomers and powders without the addition of methyl methacrylate, with a substitute in the form of methacrylate.Sets for stamping in the form of stamps. Photo: Depositphotos Also used cosmetics for nails and materials for nail art. These include self-adhesive yarns, dried flowers, glitter, decorative sand, plates, sheets. An integral part of the work are liquid materials for disinfection and treatment of the cuticle and free edge. Even Coco Chanel said: "Everything is in your hands. So they have to be in order." This includes manicure, which you can create, no matter what. ...

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