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What is magnetic storm? :.: Article 25.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Person is very dependent on the state of the environment. Probably, everyone had to feel the fluctuation activity of the magnetic field of the Earth. In those days, inexplicable spoiled and well-being, and mood. Especially dangerous such things for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system. Where does? All the matter in the solar activity. During bursts it causes a disturbance of the Earth's magnetic field, which, in turn, has an impact on this planet's organisms. Watching the solar wind streams and fixing of solar flares, scientists have learned to predict geomagnetic storms. Fortunately, the frequency of such events does not exceed 2-3 times per month. Magnetic storms satisfied sancetta: Depositphotos Influence of geomagnetic storms depends on their intensity. In particular, with a slight rise in solar activity impact may be limited to short-term deterioration of health in sensitive people. However, severe disturbance magnetic fields can interrupt the function of electronic devices. For example, in some areas of North America, was recorded crashing a satellite navigation system 11 September 2005. How affects the body? Such changes can not affect the human body. Statistics says that the subjective change in the body feel from half to 70% of the population. Unfortunately, magnetic storms have a negative impact. Photo: Depositphotos In cases of marked increase in solar activity of its negative influence felt even physically healthy people. The most typical symptoms are: fatigue, unexplained fatigue;headaches, also without apparent reason;palpitations, episodes of unstable blood pressure. It is much harder to survive a magnetic storm people suffering from chronic diseases. Anomaly provokes the following violations: jumps in blood pressure;shortness of breath, especially pronounced in people with asthma and other bronchopulmonary diseases;the emergence of psycho-emotional disorders in the form of depression or unreasonable irritability and aggression;increased anxiety, suspiciousness;disorders associated with the disorder proper operation of vessels: dizziness, headaches, numbness in the extremities. Can people protect themselves? Man who already felt the negative influence of magnetic storms, it is useful to consult with a doctor to choose the means most suitable to eliminate unpleasant symptoms. If you react to magnetic storms, consult your doctor, pick up laerstate: Depositphotos depending on the violations that occur when the perturbation of the magnetic field, the experts will help to pick up a tonic, effectively struggling with weakness and reduced efficiency, or, conversely, a mild sedative or antispasmodic in case of violation associated with spastic headaches. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases, should especially pay attention to drugs that must be taken regularly. People that do not have chronic diseases, taking drugs long term is not recommended, since a magnetic storm is a phenomenon of short duration. Such people are advised use of funds, relieving symptoms and not having a delayed action. Many experts talk about the observations, according to which the negative effect of magnetic storms depends on the initial state of the human body. In particular, brain activity and performance a well rested person suffers less. Get enough sleep!Photo: Depositphotos conclusion is that if the weather forecasters signal the approach of a magnetic storm properly prepare the body: Good sleep, try to reduce the impact on the body irritating factors. If possible, do not schedule on the critical day of hard physical work, and other tedious activities. People who are prone to anxiety conditions, it is necessary to have on hand a mild sedative. There are observations that interventions that improve the health of the nervous system, reduce the impact of magnetic storms on the body. Such impacts include: contrast showers;swimming;baths alternating tonic and sedatives. It turns out that the person is not so, and are vulnerable to magnetic storms. To fully avoid negative impacts, most likely, will not work, however, there are a range of measures to strengthen the body and make it able to withstand attack. A framework for the protection of the body is a healthy lifestyle....

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