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Of Phil Spector. Some of the songs of the XX century the most played on radio and TV in the US? :.: Article 25.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Today I conclude my stories about the most famous hits written by Phil Spector, in the past, a famous producer, and now — elderly barman Corcorans prison... As a rule, this producer worked with women (mostly black) vocal ensembles. But was in the record of the Phil Spector exceptions. So in 1964 he took under his wing the male of the Duo the RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS, comprising bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield (as you know, not brothers). Despite the fact that the guys were white, they featured a "black" way of singing, which I liked Spector (he called her "blue-eyed soul"). To our listeners, the Duo is familiar, above all, for a wonderful version of the ballad "Unchained Melody", which is particularly memorable in the movie "Ghost" (1990). It was under the ring the characters of Patrick Swayze and demi Moore combine pottery with hugs and kisses. But in the US the biggest hit of The RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS unconditionally is their debut single — "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'". This is not just a musical hit. According to data published in 1999, "Broadcast Music Incorporated", this musical composition sounded on American radio and TV more often than any other in the twentieth century. For 45 years the song was broadcast over 8 million times! (However, the calculation takes into account not only the original version, but all recorded on her covers.) In addition in 2012, according to the BBC programme "The richest songs in the world", where he estimated the income from royalties, "You've Lost..." took 3rd place, behind only "White Christmas" and "Happy Birthday to You"... a scan of the cover of the disc to Write the first single for The RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS Spector instructed the composer Barry Manna and his wife (and co-author) Cynthia vail. Mann composed the melody first and at the same time came up with the introduction — "You never close your eyes when I kiss your lips...". As you may have guessed, the composer just altered a line from his hit 1961 "I Love How You Love Me". Cynthia finished the rest of the text, which tells how goes the old flame, and the song is called "You've lost that loving feeling." The author of the translation — VladimiR: Now ...your eyes are not privetstvuyutsya when I go to meet you.And, honey, you're trying Kremikovtsi, no matter what I makes me want to cry ' cause, baby, something beautiful dies... In creating the final version participated and the Spector — he helped to modify "the bridge" and added to the end of the chorus repetition of, "It's gone, gone, gone, whoa-OOO!" Further, the producer began to squeeze out of the Duo everything. Voice recordings lasted eight hours over two days! However, Hetfield is not particularly overworked, although he was not so happy. Knowing that he will sing only in the chorus, the singer discouraged asked: "what do I do until then?" What Spector sarcastically said: "you Can go directly to the Bank for a fee!" The reason why the producer made the main singer bill Medley, was the fact that he was more a low deep voice. And in the process of recording Spektor not only dramatically lowered the key of the song, but slowed her pace. Did it sound unusual and at the same time led to a number of incidents. Some students subsequently felt that the album "sticks". Even Barry Mann, who played it back on the phone, I thought that the Studio mistakenly included the speed of 33 rpm instead of 45. In addition, Spector continued to hone in on this record, the technique "wall of sound", recently tested on the song The RONETTES "Be My Baby". To achieve the maximum density of the sound producer recorded in unison, three acoustic guitars, then three pianos, then three bass itary and T. D. Spector got the sound turned "blurred, atmospheric, inclusive." In the end, write "You've Lost..." spent 35 thousand dollars, and Phil was very worried to see how his innovation listeners and critics. Even bill Medley, which is the final result loved, doubted the success of the song: "We had no idea whether it's a hit. He was too slow, too long and went right in the days of the BEATLES and the "British invasion"". The song really sounded almost four minutes, and does not fit well into the format of three-minute singles. However, Spector categorically refused to cut and went for this cheat. He pointed to the label single, a song that lasts "3:05" instead of the actual "3:45". And even added a soundtrack, "fake ending" (at around "3:29" song how would subside, but then again, gaining volume). The deception succeeded. The single was released in November 1964 and in February 1965 was already firmly established in the top of the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. Brian Wilson of The BEACH BOYS "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" was aroused such enthusiasm that he took the trouble to call Manna and Vale, to say, "Your song is the greatest record in history. I was ready to retire from the music business, but she encouraged me again to start writing." Of course, the song began to echo various artists — Cilla black, Elvis Presley, Dionne Warwick, Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway, HALL& OATES, WESTLIFE — usually very successfully. In 1986 "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" performed by bill Medley was in the soundtrack of the movie "Top gun" with Tom cruise, which again fueled her popularity. ...

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