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Why you need a massage of the scalp? :.: Article 25.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

The history of the use of this technique starts in the ancient world. Thousands of people use it to fight with various disorders. In the III and IV centuries of our era the followers of the teachings of Ayurveda used this procedure for complex rehabilitation. What we know about it? What works? The effect of massage of the head caused by the impact on biologically active points located in this area. The result is improved circulation, normalization of tonus of the walls of blood vessels and capillaries that permeate the tissue. Many years of experience shows that massage of the scalp has a fairly wide range of action: Photo: Depositphotos improvement of the operation of vessels of all calibers leads to increased oxygenation of brain cells. The consequence of this is improved memory and attention, increases efficiency, reduces fatigue from mental stress. Improving blood supply to the brain has a tonic effect.Normalization of microcirculation in the area of the brain addresses a number of disorders: depression, anxiety, sleep disorders.The consequence of the activation of blood circulation is the strengthening of hair follicles, activation of hair growth and improvement in their condition.Toning of the scalp, normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands of the skin promote cell renewal of the epidermis on the scalp. Both of these effects contribute to the elimination of superfluous fat in the field of hair roots. Relaxing effect on the muscles of the head and neck. This effect has the leading role in the fight against tension headaches.Activation of microcirculation leads to increased level of immune protection. It is necessary to mention that during the massage the body produces endorphins — so called hormones of good mood. They effectively relieve the subjective feeling of discomfort, improve the General condition, increase the pain threshold. Is that healthy? Photo: Depositphotos Massage scalp can harm people with contraindications of this procedure. These include: cancer;cardiovascular disease sector, especially with a tendency to high blood pressure;tendency to thrombosis;diseases accompanied by fever and weakness;impaired skin integrity and burns, acute inflammation of the skin, ulcers;pronounced hair loss. Head massage should not be performed in patients receiving drugs that cause marked vasodilatation, as well as alcohol. An important factor is the careful observation of the patient during the procedure. With the appearance of a number of symptoms should be discontinued immediately. Such symptoms indicating poor tolerance of manipulation are: nausea;headache appeared or intensified on the background of the massage;a rise in pressure;a marked acceleration of the pulse. Photo: Depositphotos After the termination of the procedure if any of these symptoms, in some cases, you may need to consult a doctor. Despite the fact that in some conditions, massage the scalp, causes an effect (for example, in tension-type headache), to achieve sustainable impact, you must perform the procedure regularly followed all the rules. ...

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