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How to cook proper Japanese food? 5 tips for beginners :.: Article 26.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Rolls and sushi firmly entrenched in the diet of the inhabitants of large cities of Russia. You can buy them in delivery service, order in a restaurant or make yourself. Tell about what do not forget, if you decide to cook Japanese food. Cooking recipes Japanese cuisine is not so difficult, especially if to observe simple rules of hygiene and culinary traditions of the East. In conjunction with the service delivery Dostaevskiy we have prepared this list of tips that will help you to prepare these rolls or sushi at home. They are based on the rules followed by the cook of the company in the preparation of Japanese dishes. Tip # 1. Cook the rice correctly You don't want to rice pudding instead of stuffing? Then use the classic sosiso refills for cooking rice-based vinegar, sweet Japanese mirin wine and seaweed kombu. Sugar and salt are added to sushizu to taste. Tip # 2. Don't skimp on the seaweed There's nothing worse than sushi rolls that fall apart immediately. To choose the right leaves of algae, pay attention to the edges — they should be smooth. In the sheet should not be even small holes, and color for a delicious Japanese dishes required uniform. Sheet need soft that doesn't break when bent. Tip # 3. Use a bamboo Mat to roll the cornerstone in the preparation of this dish. First spread it on the seaweed, then rice. Only after the rice is distributed throughout the sheet of nori, continue to add other ingredients, such as chunks of salmon and soft cream cheese. Scroll down the Mat forward when roll formed, repeat the movement twice while the dish will not become round. Tip # 4. Less ingredients for a classic sushi In fact, the traditional nigiri is rice and some filler on top. Pumps-gunkan — same thing, just inside a small piece of nori. The essence of this dish lies in the simplicity and brevity, extra supplements unnecessary here. Tip # 5. Order Japanese food professionals with code Dostoevskogo "PINEAPPLE," Well, were not all born chefs. Nothing to worry, you can order rolls and sushi in Dostaevskom. Their menu several dozen types, from classics to their own recipes. Any food is prepared only on order and arrives fresh. And to be sure and get the "Hawaiian" pizza on thin crust with ham and pineapple as a gift to the order from 1 100 rubles, log the phone number on the website dostaevsky. EN and use the promo code "PINEAPPLE". Bon appetit! ...