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Right-hand drive Russian cars: what are the pros and cons? :.: Article 26.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In Soviet times there was no such problem as RHD cars. In Ireland, Japan and Britain, the Soviet Union sold a few hundred right-hand drive "Volga" and "Lada". Sometimes Soviet diplomatic personnel returning from those countries took their RHD cars. Special problems in riding we have not created the habit of eating habit. When the driver is used to count your seat the overall dimensions of the machine, then when you transfer the helm to the left side this caused even some problems to feel the dimensions of the vehicle had to learn from scratch. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union there was such a profession — driver-Drover. Drive to Germany or to Sweden and there's sales of used cars to buy a car that runs and has a good appearance, but cheaper. Or to fulfill someone else's order — to find a car of a certain brand and mileage, buy it and overtake in Russia. In the 90 years from Peter the cars went to Finland or to Sweden. And very often brought right-hand "Lada" or "Volga". Apparently, they were sold even cheaper. When you consider that Sweden switched to right-hand traffic in 1967, and in Finland it left never existed, then the existence of their car RHD Lada for sale — mystery. Maybe them for a pittance, massively bought up in England, and from there were pushing closer to Russia, where the mad Russian was ready to buy if the price is not wringing. Bought for a song and sold cheap too makes a profit. A few of my friends for a while then bought a second-hand English right-hand drive "Lada", because when you're learning to ride, makes no sense to buy a good car. Learn on what you will not be sorry if you break it. That was then, and there was a funny story. ...The traffic police on the highway the Karelian isthmus stops in the evening "VAZ-2107". Fit. Open the driver's door, and at their feet falls down drunk in zyuzyu guy. They, rubbing his hands: "And who's the driver?" With right front seat gets sober and very angry wife of the drunkard answers: "Well, I have a driver. Do you have any questions for me?" But Peter is not the only place in Russia where you got RHD cars. 15 years ago, while on a business trip in Khabarovsk, I waited for the car and 15 minutes sat on the bench near the road. Then according to my calculations the cars with the right wheel was about 80% of the total number passed. Approximately the same picture I then saw in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Japanese cars there are very cheap. Right "Capital" Marx in action: the capitalist is many times more profitable to spend capital turnover even with a small profit margin, than to try to sell more and to do it very slowly. Photo: Depositphotos How many RHD cars in Russia? Two years ago, there were about 3.500.000 pieces. And in the far East and in Siberia — about 2.9 million. In the Urals there are about 175.000. And the farther from the Far East, the less. In the Volga — less than 100.000, in the Central district — about 120,000 right-hand drive cars. In the early 2000-ies of the Russian citizens bought a lot of used Japanese cars. The fact is that in Japan cars are considered to be second-hand after 3 years of operation. While their owners sharply increased the tax burden. Therefore, the Japanese immediately after 3 years of operation trying to sell "old man" — either at auction or by the scheme trade-in, that is, by offsetting a certain amount when buying a new car. The market of used cars in Japan is saturated, and therefore the prices are very low. Under the scheme trade-in it is difficult to get proper compensation for the car. Because used cars often fall to the auctions of used cars. Buy them, and private buyers — those that understand Japanese, and intermediary firms, which ordered the purchase of a machine. Many used "Japanese" buying in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Turkey and Russia. In recent years, the Russians are buying used Japanese cars is usually 3 to 5 years of operation, without damage or with minimal damage. Now basically buy a small car with engines of 1.5 liters or less, that is with the capacity of up to 150 HP won't lie, RHD car I did not drive at all. But have traveled to a lot of these and watched the driver of such a machine. Yes, a bit unusual to sit in the passenger like "the driver", probably, at first it was strange and the driver. But gearbox is automatic. Put the car in gear to go and all. And the rest is just a matter of habit. Feet on the pedals work the same way. Different perceived dimensions of the machine, but by moving to another machine, always need a little to get used to the new dimensions. That's the problem. Why all the fuss conversion RHD to LHD is partly understandable. Most likely, those politicians who voted for it were personal interests. But we have something else, why all this circus? And Yes, about the pros and cons... The right-hand "Lada" in the 90s was the only plus — cheapness. And "Japanese" are not only cheaper than other cars in its class. They are also very sturdy and reliable. Here only the far East, very far away....

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