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How to create a unique selling proposition? :.: Article 27.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

So, I send greetings to all the brilliant thinkers of the XXI century and to those on whose ideas I do not know even close. Now the opportunity to conduct personal business attracts more and more young people who do not want to depend on the opinions and sentiments of the chief. While the dry statistics says that 90% of new businesses die before reaching years. What is the problem? Is the world and the market is so cruel that he will not allow beginners to try it yourself? Do not! The fact is that most new start-UPS opens in a already filled the niche, offering nothing new. It is the uniqueness, namely unique selling proposition (USP) remains the only hope and the common factor of success for a new business. Let's look at what a USP. Smart sources say that UTP is the rationalist strategy of communication with a potential client, which should include a shopping message, revealing the unique benefits that have value. Simply put, your business will be tenacious when it is useful. How to create or find? First of all, analyze yourself what type of people do you think entrepreneurs or craftsmen? No, we are not talking about what kind of activity you are doing right now, most of the internal setting: entrepreneurs come up with new unknown early decision options, forms, and artisans "produce" something that is similar to an existing one, adding something new or changing anything. It is important to introduce the idea to interest of pokupatelyami: Depositphotos If your business idea is unique, too early to celebrate — it is important to describe it because brand new scares the buyer is much stronger than a wide range of current products. Here included the need for a strong USP. Unspoken is the truth that wins in the market is not the best product, and the one about which is better said. A strong USP helps to break away from competitors; stand out among the similar products; to gain the commitment of the target audience; to promote advertising campaigns. As you already understood, it is important to find the strengths of your business or its not yet full of ideas and properly describe them. Unique selling proposition doesn't have to be true (with indirect relevance to the true value of the product) often, on the contrary, false and applies only to the production of the product (we do not use in the production of something harmful, use more environmentally friendly materials, etc.). We will not say that the true about better or Vice versa, there is a choice, and it depends from type of the entrepreneur or artisan. The main thing — the criteria is quality of UTP: a specific benefit, i.e. those tasks that the client will be able to solve; special other than another offer; persuasion and emotion to the target audience (TA). You need to understand what the customer's problem solves your product, and what desire or need it satisfies. Photo: Depositphotos Suited to the main one. How to develop a USP: Breakdown of CA on the following target groups on a particular parameter (age, income, interests, work in the field) — for each of these groups of UTP needs to sound different and close exactly to their needs. The study of CA — definition of these needs. The selection of the attribute positioning, i.e. what specifically your product solves the need of the target audience. Determining the benefit to the consumer. For example, if you present a new model of phone, for teenagers tell us about the features of the camera and the processor, which will pull not one of the popular "toy", and more engaged employees explain the benefits of battery that does not require daily charging. The study of Central Asia — an important development stage Upvote: Depositphotos Now on the market developed five main scenarios for creating a USP. Let's see: focus on the unique characteristics of the product — for example, the product is already there, you've added something unique. New solution innovations in the market — an idea which simply has no analogues. The value for the service. The advantage using the shortage. Problem — solution. As you can see, the scenarios abound. To make it even easier, below give personal recipes: a Key requirement of CA + performance + warranty. Target audience + problem + solution. An important characteristic of the problem is solved. Product + CA + problem + benefits. Example 1. "Our konsalterov will allow entrepreneurs (CA) guaranteed (the Guarantee) to reduce costs in production and increase turnover in half (Result) compared with the current". Example 2. "We help entrepreneurs (CA) cost and develop a successful business (how to develop the problem) with proven marketing strategies (the decision)". Example 3. "This is a special feature of powder (description) displays the old spots (a problem)". Example 4. "Our website (product) helps young mothers (TSA) to share experiences of breastfeeding (the problem) and to support in the development of the baby (benefit)". Thus, the creation of a unique selling proposition — not a complex science. It is important to really grasp the real demands of the audience and do something that works and will not only satisfy your need for self-realization, but also the needs of the audience. ...

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