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That harms the skin condition? :.: Article 27.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Healthy skin is one of the indispensable conditions of female beauty. Women spend a lot of effort, time and money to maintain its health and freshness. However, as experience shows, to achieve positive results in skin care can be very difficult. It turns out that there are many factors that cause daily damage to our skin. Let's try together to understand what affects the condition of the skin. The main task in the fight for healthy skin is to eliminate factors of negative influence from your life or at least reduce their harmful effects. Photo: Depositphotos, One of the most common causes of problem skin is a regular pillowcase. Health skin very a dangerous thing is a dirty linen. Pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers, the accumulation of a huge number of harmful bacteria, dirt, including dead skin cells. Stale pillowcase can be called a real biological bomb. Practice good hygiene! In time change bed linen and dirty time to wash to decontaminate. Frequent change of cosmetics, too, can significantly worsen the skin condition. Dermatologists do not recommend to frequently change the means to care for face and body, because, not having time to get used to one tool, the skin needs to adapt to the new composition of the next beauty trends. Frequent change of cosmetics increases the risk of developing allergies. Photo: Depositphotos Another harmful to the skin factor are the tools used for hair styling. Getting on the skin, substances that are included with retaining products like hair spray, clog the pores and hinder the process of sweating. Resulting in skin rashes. Problems in the form of burns can result in your rejection means that protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Be sure to use funds from the sun, when you go to the beach or spend all day in the sun. Often communicate by cell phone with friends? It can also be the cause of the problematic condition of the skin. How, you ask. As the telephone conversation can harm the skin? The thing is that during these conversations on the phone accumulate bacteria. Frequent contact with skin may cause deterioration of the skin. To avoid this, you should periodically disinfect the phone with antibacterial wipes. Photo: Depositphotos Another cause of problems with the skin can become frequent and long stay in a room with air conditioning. To avoid the problem of dryness, flaking and irritation of the skin, drink more water and use moisturizing cream. Smoking is another harmful factor. The result of Smoking, including passive, will be the appearance of premature wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. Daily makeup can also be the cause of premature aging of the skin. To avoid this, be sure to do at least a few days break. Give your skin a chance to rest from cosmetics. She needed air and rest. Another dangerous to the health of the skin accessory are sunglasses. To avoid rashes and irritation, regularly decontaminate your glasses with an antibacterial wipe. Excessive skin scrub can damage it. To avoid this, use no more than two times a week. Photo: Depositphotos Abuse of salt may also lead to skin problems. Salty foods can cause problems with the water balance and cause dryness. The destruction of the body diet and fasting also can badly affect the condition of your skin. The lack of vitamins and other nutrients is the cause of dull complexion and loss of elasticity of the skin. Washing with hot water, so nice for us, bad for our skin leading to such problems as dryness and flaking. Another reason for skin problem is the presence of some women have a bad habit not to wash off makeup before going to bed. To do this in any case impossible! The consequences can be dire. We are talking about acne, clogged pores, inflammation on the skin. Abuse of caffeine can cause the appearance of premature wrinkles. One of the main reasons for the deterioration of the skin is stress. Skin responds to it the appearance of redness and pigmentation disorders. Learn to deal with stress to stay healthy and beautiful. The abuse of sweets also adversely affects our skin. The sugar is useful in small amounts, as is necessary for the synthesis by the body of collagen, responsible for skin elasticity. Overabundance of the sweet can cause sagging of the skin. Photo: Depositphotos is Another cause of skin problems is a lack of physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle leads to the fact that the blood does not supply the skin as it should be. The result of the lack of movement in your life can become skin rashes and dull complexion. To preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin, prevent the appearance of lesions and other troubles, should try to reduce the number of negative factors of influence listed by dermatologists. The improvement in appearance will not keep itself waiting long. ...

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