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Which song is best to "twist and shout"? The story of the hit "Twist and Shout" :.: Article 27.08.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

By the end of 1963 the hysteria surrounding the BEATLES had reached in Britain downright on a national scale. Everything was as it should be — cute guys rocked on stage and the girls in the hall screamed and cried with delight. Come down to the fact that on 4 November the group was invited to perform in London's "palladium" in the sight of the Royal family, headed by the Elizabeth. The final performances of John Lennon decided gracefully to "trolling" for royalty and announced the last song: "I would like to ask your help. People in the cheap seats — clap your hands. And the rest could just rattle their jewelry". Then the group kicked the hooligan "Twist and Shout"... For many, this catchy song associated with the BEATLES. However, even before the triumph of the fab four "Twist and Shout" was produced many times, and hit visited. The authors of the song were made by two American songwriter Phil Medley and Bertrand (Bert) Russell Berns. Life burns was short (he died of a heart attack at the age of 38), but the composer managed to compose a number of famous music hits like "Under The Boardwalk" for The DRIFTERS or "Piece of My Heart" recorded by Ermou Franklin and Janis Joplin. According to the son Bert, his father wrote "Twist and Shout" under the influence "Mexican" rock ' n ' roll "La Bamba" (no wonder the song is heard Latin American rhythm "cha-cha-cha"). Well, the word "twist" too, apparently, is no coincidence — this dance was at the peak of popularity. The author of the translation — AXELLE: Well, buck up, baby, now, (shake, baby)Twisty and shout (twisti and shout)come on, Come on, come on, come on, baby, now (come on baby)come on and work it (work it)... although in the beginning the song was called differently — "Shake It Up, Baby". Under this name when she first came out in 1961 by a group of TOP NOTES. Premiere was unsuccessful the album flew past the charts. And this despite the fact that the song was produced by the notorious Phil Spector. However, he hadn't invented his methods of "wall of sound" and the result was so pale that Burt Russell said that Spector ruined a good thing and decided the next time to produce the song himself. The next performers were some black guys from the group The ISLEY BROTHERS. At the time of the Eisley brothers were neither good nor bad. The charts they managed to get only once with the song "Shout" ("Shout"), and then on 47th place. They did not believe that another "chant" will help to improve the situation. But Russell knew what he was doing. He renamed his song "Twist and Shout" ("Fidget and cry"), and slowed her pace so that he would "shake up" the listener. Ronald Eisley put on top of your passionate soul vocals, and the rest of the brothers sang transitional "ohhh!". The song was released in 1962 and became The ISLEY BROTHERS first big hit (No. 17 in the USA). Despite the fact that in Britain the single "Twist and Shout" went bad, "the Beatles" the song was noticed and immediately began to perform at concerts. The structure of the song has not changed. However, John Lennon did the lead instrument is not brass, and guitar, and turned the fiery "Latin soul" in a no less rousing rock-and-roll standard. A scan of the album art of the Song decided to include in the debut album of the BEATLES, the recording of which took place on 4 February 1963 and became group real feat. First, in one session that lasted 12 hours, the Beatles managed to record as many as 10 songs (along with four previously recorded and they made the album "Please Please Me"). Secondly, John Lennon the day was terribly cold and during the entire session, drank warm milk and sucking on cough drops. Realizing that noisy singing "Twist and Shout", the singer from "frustrate" the throat, George Martin wisely saved the song at the end of the entry. The calculation was correct. By the time Lennon was knackered so he had to remove a sweaty shirt, and with his last strength to roar that "Fidget, and cry.". No wonder the song ends with McCartney delighted cry of "Yes!" (they say, "we did it!"). However, the band tried to record "Twist and Shout" again, but then the voice of Lennon finally "went out". John Lennon, 1976:"the Last song nearly killed me. My vote for a long time was not the same; every time I swallowed, I felt like I was swallowing sandpaper. I was always embarrassed because I could sing better; but now it doesn't bother me. You can hear that I'm just a crazy boy who makes everything possible". But Martin believed that everything was more than successful. In his opinion, this song needed such a voice is husky, reminiscent of "the sound of tearing linen". In Britain, "Twist and Shout" played on the single, and the EP — the album, containing 4 songs. It is still the best-selling British album released in this format. But in the US the distance is single. It happened on March 2, 1964, when "Beatlemania" swept the New world. It is significant that when "Twist and Shout" reached 2nd place, all five first positions of the U.S. charts was occupied by the songs of the BEATLES (as the group would have competed with itself). It was the only cover "the Beatles", ranked in the TOP 10 in the United States. The song continued to record other singers. For example, a version of the famous "rehash" The TREMELOES was released 4 months after BEATLES records and reached number 4 in the UK. Even better has shown itself a cover of the Jamaican reggae group, Chaka Demus & PLIERS, reached in 1993, 1st place in the British top. In the history of the song there is another interesting fact — even the original "Beatles" record managed to get into the charts many years later. So in 1986 she became No. 23 in the USA, after he heard in a-f "Ferris Bueller takes day off" (the screen actor Matthew Broderick was just opening his mouth under a soundtrack). And in 2010 the song became the No. 48 now in the UK and through iTunes. ...

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