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Krasnodar is on the way to the resort cities such as Anapa, Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Sochi. And all who go on holiday railroad, passing Krasnodar. To further explore this beautiful city, it is necessary to do in the road stop for a day or for a few hours and feel the atmosphere of the city, admiring architectural monuments. The land on which the city stands, were given to the Cossacks by Catherine II, so it used to be called Ekaterinodar, and after the October revolution, in 1920, was renamed to Krasnodar. What is interesting to Krasnodar? And the fact that walking on the street red, the main street of the city, you can explore its history, science, religion, life. The street stretches for five kilometers, half the streets are pedestrian. It was named before the revolution: it was called red, because they are beautiful. It is necessary to walk, to feel the spirit of the city. Not half pedestrian street, too, need to walk. Photo: Tatiana Podpalova, personal archive street Starts from temple in honor of Alexander Nevsky. The beginning is reminiscent of the Cossacks, repressed and killed for their faith and Fatherland. Far visible dome of this temple. In the temple there are two wonderworking icons of the Mother of God quick to hearken and the Optina elders. Across the road from the temple is surrounded by the beautiful Catherine square with the monument to Catherine the great. This square is the place where the city was founded. Square immersed in greenery and flowers, there is a cascading fountain. The sculpture of Catherine the great majestic. The sculptor depicted the Empress, with the Orb and scepter. Here is the text of the letters. Below is three of the chieftain of the Cossacks (right) and Prince Potemkin Tauride (left). The gaze of the Empress is aimed at the administrative building of the city. Photo: Tatiana Podpalova, personal archive walking along the main street you can get acquainted with the museums, libraries, theatres, monuments and buildings of the city administration and the Krasnodar region, restaurants, shops, skyscrapers. Photo: Tatiana Podpalova, personal archive the building itself is beautiful turquoise color with stucco on the intersection of art Museum. Kovalenko. F. A. Kovalenko was a collector and founder of the Museum. Today the Museum has more than 13 thousand exhibits. And not only paintings, but sculptures, porcelain, prints. Near the Museum is a concert hall of the Kuban Cossack choir, but on the contrary — the monument to Alexander Pushkin, the Pushkin library. Pushkin went from Pyatigorsk in Taman on the street red. Photo: Tatiana Podpalova, the personal archive of the City in the last century enjoyed great popularity among artists, poets. In the Park beside the art Museum is an interesting monument to Repin I. E. He came to Krasnodar in the hope of finding in the Kuban the Zaporozhye Cossacks images for his painting "the Cossacks writing letter to Turkish Sultan" and found them among the descendants of the Zaporizhzhya Sich. He posed and George knight, and participants of the Crimean war. After 120 years, has established a sculptural group based on the painting "the Cossacks writing letter to Turkish Sultan", and also on the street Krasnaya. Photo: Tatiana Podpalova, personal archive of V. Mayakovsky was in Krasnodar in 1926. Reminds me of this monument "Sobachkina capital", where the words of Mayakovsky on Krasnodar in a joking manner. Two loving and funny dogs are on the streets of the city looking at the urban beauty. This monument sculptor bee decided to immortalize the words of Mayakovsky said in jest that Krasnodar is the capital sobachkina. Photo: Tatiana Podpalova, personal archive, you Can go to the Park named after Zhukov and relax, here fountains, flowers and benches. Before the square — a monument to Marshal. Zhukov fought in the Kuban, in the city of Armavir received a document of the commander of the red Army. Next to Philharmonic society of a name of Grigory Ponomarenko is a historic building from the early twentieth century, an architectural monument in neoclassical style. What is the main street and without the arc de Triomphe! So on the street red installed arch in honor of the arrival in town of Alexander III, called Alexander the arc de Triomphe. The Emperor was considered the patron of all Russian lands. Before the Alexander triumphal arch, the monument of St. Catherine. The decoration of the Theatre square in front of the theater drama is the complex of fountains, jets that create beautiful images in melodic music. Interesting monument students Shurik and Lida of Comedy Gaidai, which is set in 2012 at the building of the Kuban state technical University. Photo: Tatiana Podpalova, personal archive Many tourists like monument to the traveler. Very long time from where there is a monument, began the city of Krasnodar. A traveler came to town and sat down to rest before entering the city... What sees he there? Photo: Tatiana Podpalova, a personal archive On the street red, you can just wander for hours, admiring the architecture of buildings old buildings and modern skyscrapers. In these moments comes a sense of harmony with oneself and the world, and understand why I love this city, its inhabitants. Completed the cinema "Aurora". The building of the cinema of the 1960s years of construction, the cascade fountain and the monument to Soviet Aurora, in uniform and with a rifle — an architectural monument. But not only the decoration of the city. Krasnodar is full of beautiful architecture, monuments and interesting places. It is necessary to get acquainted with the city and local attractions in coming here. I suggest to watch my video on Krasnodar....

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