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The first went. Ilya Milstein – about trade hostages

Radio Liberty 29.08.2019 at 06:10

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, non-profit information service funded by the U.S. Congress, broadcasting to the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East and Russia.

Kirill Vyshinsky at large. Ukrainian political prisoners and prisoners of war still in detention in Russia and "people's republics". It seems that some or many of them will be released soon into the wild, under secret agreements between Moscow, Kiev, Paris and Berlin, one result of which was the decision of the Kyiv court of appeal on Wyszynski. It is also possible that right now as you read these lines, the Russian side slowly begins to fulfill his part of the agreement. However, it is important to capture the moment: Wyszynski released from detention, his Ukrainian, as if to say, brothers is not yet released. Comment on what is happening in different ways. From the point of view of the political, which leads to sad thoughts. About how the changing world sags under Vladimir Vladimirovich, what evidence and for return of Russian delegation's voting rights in PACE, and quite cordial reception accorded to Putin in Breganzona, and Tarnowskie speech about the fact that it is time again to transform the G7 into the G8, inviting to the President of Russia. In the same manner and act Ukrainian authorities. In July, press Secretary of Vladimir Zelensky said that on Bank to exchange a "traitor" Vyshinsky on "terrorist" Sentsov, but even before the Kremlin's press Secretary has expressed in that spirit that for the normalization of relations of Moscow and Kiev it would be useful just to release chief editor of RIA "Novosti Ukraina", without any conditions – and here he leaned from prison. It is known that Putin defies pressure, because today dear partners, putting down the whip, give gingerbread. In the hope that Putin will mellow after learning that Washington, Strasbourg, Paris, Berlin, Rome and even in Kiev, politicians of the first row satisfy the most daring of his fantasies. This is bad for the reason that it strengthens the Russian national leader in the minds of self-righteousness and impunity. It turns out that all he is allowed, anything goes, any war and state terrorism with mass hostage-taking for later exchange. And various kinds of sanctions and expulsion from the prestigious clubs – is a temporary phenomenon that should not Moscow neither to frighten nor upset. Just need to wait, simulating indifference, while customers will ripen until they have there change of power, and accumulated fatigue from confrontation with its great regional power – and then they crawl with their proposals and schemes of mutually beneficial exchanges. This is bad because it inspires in him a dangerous mood and dreams of new achievements and wars of conquest that he, too, forgive. Finally, historical experience shows that this method of appeasement can be catastrophic for peacekeepers. If Mr President will not change his mind, once again violating international agreements, then immediately bring happiness to many But there is this history and the human, as in the old saying, measure. First, Kirill Vyshinsky on the loose, and it's good, no matter how to treat him and especially to the Agency, the Ukrainian branch of which he headed. Second, after his release, he becomes a party to the transaction, the results of which will, apparently, go out and seventy people on the other side, and the third, that is, sitting "on the cellars" in the already mentioned "people's republics". And it is so good that I don't believe it. The third game in the triangle "Russia – Ukraine – West" still has a long, and of political prisoners and prisoners of war to rescue it is necessary as soon as possible. And if to achieve this goal, the Kiev appellate court should render quite rare in world practice, the verdict under which the accused in treason can sentence on the outside, then okay. And fourth and foremost, the thousands and thousands of people watching daily live for an awesome hybrid war between Russia and Ukraine, today once again we see who's the victim and who the executioner. Who people are and who the bad people. Who for the sake of its citizens agree to moderate personal and public ambitions, if only to free hostages from terrorist captivity, and who spit on Ukrainians, and Russian. Because about Oleg Sentsov and Vladimir Baloga, Stanislaus Cliche and Alexander Kolchenko, Paul Mushroom and Nicholas Karpuk, about the Crimean Tatar prisoners, about sailors in a neighboring country I remember every day, and to Vyshinsky our propagandists for some reason, very loud talking only after the arrest of Ivan Golunova. Like, where is your journalistic solidarity, liberal gentlemen, when Kiev junta illegally spread rot in prison freedom-loving editor-in-chief?.. Screamed again, almost forgot. And about captured last summer in the LC and sentenced to 10 years in Russian special forces of Victor Ageeva, it seems, none of us, except his unhappy mother and reporters of "the New newspaper", can't remember. And we don't know anything about the fate of the fighters and Erofeeva Alexandrov, who returned from captivity along with Hope Savchenko: if they're alive, and if alive, where is he? Probably don't need us to know. About Wyszynski, fortunately, know much more, and he, no doubt, will share with the public their extremely valuable thoughts about freedom of speech in Ukraine and other important things. But at the same time I'd love to see and hear those who are languishing in Russian prisons, and tomorrow, we hope, after the editor-in-chief will be home and hug loved ones. The beginning like it should, and if Mr President will not change his mind, once again violating international agreements, then immediately bring happiness to many. The prisoners themselves, their fathers and mothers, wives and children, as well as people absolutely not familiar with them, but infinitely their sympathizers. We are generally easy to make happy, and this is certainly, consider in the Kremlin, from time to time holding hostages to rejoice with us before the next capture. And trade them, not without reason, suggesting that by talking about the Crimea and the Donbass, no one to bother Putin will not, as long as the enemies have this much more serious topic for a painful political debate, it is the irrevocable obligation, this moral obligation: the release of political prisoners and prisoners of war. Ilya Milshtein is a journalist Made in the heading "Right of the author" opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher