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9 the most beautiful series of doctors

Article 23.08.2019 at 13:36

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Actor Richard Gere

Sullivan Travis "Dr. "T" and the women"

Lucky, wealthy gynecologist has achieved resounding success on all fronts. The constant close contact with women does not spoil his relationship to them. On the contrary, Dr. worships and praises his patients.

Actor Antonio Banderas

Robert Ledgard , "the Skin I live in"

World-renowned surgeon Robert Ledgard discovered the secret of creating an artificial human skin. Everyone knows him as elegant, well-groomed man, but no one even suspects that even he has a terrible secret.

Actor Patrick Dempsey

Derek Sheppard , "Anatomy of passion"

Neurosurgeon, chief resident, head of the Department of neurosurgery of the hospital "grey Sloan Memorial hospital". His personal life is not as successful as a career. After a breakup with his wife he leads in Seattle the life of a bachelor. Young, ambitious and attractive Shepard gets Intern the nickname "McDreamy" or "Handsome".

Actor Eric Dane

mark Sloan "grey's Anatomy"

Plastic surgeon, senior attending; head, Department of plastic surgery. The best friend of neurosurgeon Derek shepherd. The attractiveness and charm allow him to have multiple non-committal relationships with colleagues. Narcissism and frivolity ultimately earned him the reputation of a womanizer, and nurses of the hospital even organize the club "Together against Mark Sloan".

Actor George Clooney

Dagg Ross , "Ambulance"

to be Honest, many of us watched the show just for this pretty boy.

Smart, independent pediatrician, rebellious, going against all the rules of the hospital, a fighter for justice and children's lives. How this combination could fail to drive a woman crazy?

Actor Adnan koç

Kemal Deniz , " East-West "

Turkish handsome Adnan koç in the TV series "East-West" plays a doctor and fertility specialist, who won the heart of a Russian girl Tatiana. The difference of mentalities, traditions, habits is really huge, but that doesn't stop the lovers, when it comes time to decide the fate.

Actor Burak ozcivit played

Kamran , "Goldcrest-bird singing"

Kamran – the progressive physician of the early twentieth century.

Girls around the world secretly sigh about hot brunette Burak Ascilite, also played a symbolic role in the TV series "Magnificent century" (Bali Bay) and "Black love" (Kemal). The choice of actor for the role of Kamran was too successful: a compelling look together with a perfect figure has done its job - in the role of seducer-the cousin it is just amazing. Even his partner in the film – the movie's female lead, actress Fahriye Evcen are unable to resist him. The actors began the novel, and later they got married.

Actor Patrick Willis he

Michael Holt, "Gifted"

Michael is a talented surgeon with a high level clinic in new York. He saved the lives of many people and thanks to this well earns, because its customers are mainly from the tight wallets. He lives a luxurious life, and indifferent to those around him. But one day everything changes. The familiar world is crumbling Michael, when it comes to the Ghost of his ex-wife Anna Paul, who recently died in a car accident. Anna asks Michael to help the free clinic, which she previously managed. He will have to treat the poor, the needy patients who are very different from his usual respectable clients.

the Actor Peter Rykov

Alexander Rodionov , "Dr. 4"

Irresistible Pyotr Rykov, in the role of the obstetrician-gynecologist Alexandra Rodionova in the continuation of the famous series "Dr. baby dust" .

a winning smile, confidence, charisma, and professionalism is such a hero will see TV viewer! Is there one who will conquer his heart? Find out this fall in the new season of "Dr. baby dust" on channel Domashniy.