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IT is a profession for your child

SAPE.RU - Blog 28.08.2019 at 10:52

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September 1 is fast Approaching already felt everywhere: nature pleases us with bright colors of summer, everywhere in open school fairs and flower shops are preparing for the raids of happy parents sending their children to new knowledge.

Officially, this holiday appeared in the Soviet times according to the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, but we should not forget that on this day, in Russia it was decided to celebrate the start of the year and also the beginning of the harvest. The exact dates for the beginning of the school year did not exist until the mid 30-ies of the last century. In many schools classes were started in August, September or even October, but in rural schools — not until the end of the field season, in late November — early December. The beginning of the academic year was established in 1935 and in 1984, this day was recognized as a holiday.

today the 1st of September — knowledge day and the feast of the first call. This is a celebration for first-graders and freshmen and the most awaited day for those who first crossed the threshold of the school.

Over the choice of school, parents start to worry long before its doors first open a small pupil. But even today not everyone knows that the important factor here should be the training program, adopted in a particular educational institution. After all, starting with the youngest classes is important not only what is taught, but how. Parents should pay attention to the objects that are in the educational program of the school and on the in-depth study of specific subjects.

And about the most popular and useful not only now but in the foreseeable future, a subject we'll cover in this article.

the Relevance of the IT-sphere. Why do children digital literacy. Basic computer profession. How to cause the child interest in the field of IT.

the Relevance of the IT-sphere

With the first to the fourth grade curriculum corresponds to the selected school educational complex approved by the Ministry of education. Moving to secondary school, pupils begin to study in a single STATE, exceptions are of lyceums and gymnasiums. In the school curriculum are added to the objects: drawing, chemistry, physics, biology, geography, Informatics, basics of religious cultures and secular ethics, art, life safety, mathematics is divided into algebra and geometry.

the realities of the modern world, parents of students must understand that computer science and computer science in General — the most in-demand items now, which are gradually pushed into the shade even the “Queen of Sciences” — mathematics.

According to Alexander Tormasov, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences and rector of Innopolis University in the field of training on the subject “Informatics” is today extremely popular in Russia. The lack of qualified IT personnel and the global backlog of Russia from the point of view of development of IT technologies requires a revision of policy in the field of IT education. Russia should begin to prepare competitive specialists in the field of IT which is able to represent the Russian IT-market on the international stage.

However, despite the presence of a considerable number of interesting IT projects and relatively high incomes in the IT sector, very few students pass the exam in this area. According to experts, the reason lies in the fact that students and their parents lack of understanding how the actual area is Informatics and computer science what opportunities are opened for the representatives of this profession.

today the Computers are in almost every home, without them no organization. The labour market constantly requires specialists in the field of IT, as this area is developing very dynamically. The IT profession for several years in a row is in first place in the rankings of occupations in demand, which should convince the parents to focus the child's development in the field of information technology.

Why digital literacy?

the Traditional literacy is the ability to read and write, but today, these skills are not enough. An integral part of the lives of contemporary adults and children gadgets. And it is important not just to be able to use digital devices, but a deeper understanding of modern technologies to use them effectively and safely. It is also important to be able to locate, correctly use and create information to recognize potential risks and to observe certain precautions. All of this is digital literacy.

Digital literacy, and computer literacy — a little different concepts. The ability to use a computer is part of digital literacy, but is not limited to this.

On the basic "household" level of digital literacy is the ability to navigate websites, send and receive email, use social networks and so on.

But to put the huskies on instagram and post news on Facebook — that's not all. Digital literacy also involves a deeper understanding of the technologies, and in this case we are talking about the practical skills of working with the software. For example, creating a blog or coding (we are not talking about creating complicated websites or mobile applications, but about understanding the underlying principles).

furthermore, digital literacy covers topics such as Internet safety, digital footprint, cyberbullying, digital ethics of using someone else's information.

Infographics are taken from cyprobarometer.Russia

If all adults is a bit "annoying", that children have a significant advantage in understanding these things, because they are from early childhood unwittingly develop their digital skills because growing up surrounded by gadgets. It is for them, because these skills are needed everywhere. Even for different school projects required such skills as typing on the computer, looking up information online, create presentations.

Digital literacy is needed now more than ever. If we use some technology without a clear understanding of its essence and purpose, it can lead to problems. For example, using social networks, people should be aware of what information can be shared and what is not, who can learn his / her personal data and for what purposes they are then used.

unfortunately, according to 2018 index of digital literacy of Russians fell by 14.7% compared to the previous year. The sharp drop is primarily due to the increase in the difference between the level of digital skills, digital consumption and digital security of the Russians.

Basic computer profession

Computer field is constantly evolving, outdated technology, replaced by the latest developments, and modern man cannot do without all sorts of gadgets. For this reason, be less demand for old professions and new. For example, if a few years ago young professionals wanted to work with system administrators, moderators or administrators of databases, today the students are trying to choose a profession later.

According to major service job search and recruitment employees SuperJob, this year increased the demand for following the profession of IT:

experts in the field of data Analytics. UI-UX designers. Testers of the software. Application developers for IOS and Android.

I would also like to mention professionals for SEO. SEO specialist (in the jargon “SEOs”) is a person who carries out a complex of measures aimed at improving the position of your website in search results according to the results of the user query. Measures to optimize pages so diverse that effective interventions require the efforts of a whole team where everyone is responsible for their area of work.

If you have nothing to do with business, then you most likely have a question, why do we need to raise the position of your website. To buy a new iron, the user writes in the search box “buy iron” and comes on a few websites that will show him the search engine. Usually no one is watching the sites beyond the first page of search results, so companies whose websites are located in this top ten have a higher customer flow and more profit than those whose websites are located on.

the Regular change of search engine algorithms require constant intervention in the operation of the site SEO specialist. Given the fact that the market of Internet trade is constantly evolving and gaining momentum, the profession SEO specialist can be considered very promising. The average wage today from 70 000 to 200 000.

How to cause the child interest in the field of IT

Many people think that talent in programming is directly linked to mathematical abilities. It is not so. The main thing — it's the thirst for creativity, curiosity and a desire to get to the bottom of things. And, of course, interest in gadgets and digital entertainment.

In the case of young children, one of the best options is to teach programming in games. On the one hand children an interesting process, on the other hand, this process laid the Foundation for understanding algorithms. Technology at this stage is not so important, the main thing — thinking will work in the right direction.

In this case, a perfect LOGO. This is one of the first programming languages created for children's learning. It was created in 1967 in the artificial intelligence Lab Massachusetts Institute of technology. In LOGO first used the method of "turtle graphics", which later was used frequently for educational purposes and professional chart. The user commands and manages one or more bugs that leave a trail. The goal is to specify the commands so that the turtle created the pattern. If quite simply, the turtle, as a visual performer commands, which allows you to turn the data her team in conceptual generalization.

a More advanced way is Scratch. It is made on the basis of ideas of the Logo programming language and Lego. Using Scratch to create animations and two-dimensional flash game. The menu is available ready characters, you can edit them. Using the scripts provided in the form of a puzzle, you can program movements and speech, change appearance, response to user actions and other options.

Also perfect the popular game Minecraft, which has many applications allowing you to make modifications. For example, Cod Builder allows you to write modifications to change the environment, time of day, specify the actions for the characters in the game. This app is part of the educational program Minecraft Education, so you first need to enroll in the program, then download Minecraft Education Edition and Cod Builder.

the Immersion in computer games at an early age is a good way to check want your kid just to play, or he wants to be the one changing the rules of the game. Not necessarily that of the latest gamers will grow only programmers, but parents will be much easier to check it on the games than on trying to teach young students the intricacies of Excel.

But do not forget that often the interest in computer games turns into a "game" addiction, so the number and quality of games should be strictly regulated by the parents. In addition to the games, you need to use a different technology to inculcate interest in the child to the field of IT.

since the age of 3-5 years, can be of interest to toddler designers/puzzles, ranging from the lightest big blocks (LEGO Duplo, MegaBlocks) to the sets with programming/engineering (Lego Boost Mechanics). In addition, we must keenly monitor that the child expressed interest in this and in any case not to push it and not to force. Subsequently, this may cause "effect of a music school," when after passing a music school person never gets behind the tool.

At school age you can try to enroll my kid in different groups with the IT-topics (robotics, programming, VR) to its child's play has acquired the theoretical part of, and adult teachers showed him the various aspects of modern technology. In addition, communication among peers and the competition will give his passion an extra incentive.

we should Not forget about the literature on programming: this includes as a fundamental book, light, colorful journals which in the game form tell about the sophisticated technologies and techniques. One of the most effective ways to interest a child programming, of course, is an example of your own, work with it in tandem, the story of your tasks and ways of solutions.

Students and their parents need to use the fact that the demand for IT specialists is much more quantity of offers. And the further, the more this imbalance. If today in any field programmer is not needed, tomorrow, this field can not survive without him. So start learning programming need not the fifth and not tenth grade, and as early as possible.

the Curious and creative child needs in an interesting way to impart the basics of computer skills from early childhood. Download kids educational app on the tablet, put the program on your computer. Older children find interesting courses or hire Tutors good tutor. And develop child related areas — mathematics and English — this is a great investment in his future.

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