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The Study Where and what take out loans Russians themes of the day 27.08.2019 at 21:02

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Repair in the South, cars in the North. For six months the Russians have issued 1 million applications through the service "the Wizard of selection of loans." What are user preferences?

According to the number of applications predictably lead Moscow, but second place is occupied by Krasnodar Krai.

Credit card

most credit cards have become popular with residents of Tula region. And the least they are popular in the Chechen Republic: only 15% of IPC users of this region have designed such a product through our service.

Most of the cards draws the youth. Among users under 30 on this product is nearly half the applications.

Car loans

Car loan especially popular in Karelia. With age, the interest in buying cars on credit is reduced.


real estate loan most often take the residents of the Moscow region. This is the most demanded product from citizens 40 years old, the most economically active audience.


If in the Moscow region most actively buy housing in the debt, the demand for loans for the repair of this region and Saint-Petersburg — last. The most popular credit repair are in Chechnya. With age, the interest of users to repair growing: on the one hand, there is something to fix, on the other — reasons to repair over time becomes more objectively. However, after 40 years as an economic slowdown the demand for the product falls.

Refinance loans

the Most popular among residents of St. Petersburg. The older the user is, the more interest he takes this option again before reaching 40 years of age.


To the "Master" was able to find the optimal parameters of the loan, you will want to leave more information about yourself — education and monthly income. The comparison of these two parameters are encouraged: education works. Less people with two and more higher educations in the category earns up to 20 thousand rubles.

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Infographic: Darya BELENKAYA,