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We will create a table of return niches in infosite?

SEO blog — 9 SEO.RU 28.08.2019 at 17:17

Blog about SEO, web skills, Internet earnings

Thank you All for participating in the survey for 7 marathon. Based on your votes and tips, I decided that marathon to be. There are:

66 people definitely will participate, 73 — may be.

the Basic essence of the marathon will be approximately maintained, but the ranking algorithm and the format will be changed. While I will not go into details, still in the stage of "started programming". But the basic algorithm thought.

Some important changes:

— the marathon will be involved only new sites. (So start to prepare and think through what kind of site to create.)

— the algorithm will not be "issuing goals". Instead, it will introduce a new indicator "estimated possible revenue of the site".

It would be cool to shoot and to see income from the sites of participants. But this impossible task because:

many people do not want to scorch the income; many are not willing to give access to ad networks (for statistics); many ad networks will find it difficult to use a lot of programming; many participants monetize the sites (direct advertising, some less popular services, etc.).

So the idea was born to create a common table of themes and for each theme to specify the possible (approximate/average) income with 1000 visitors.

the Examples out of my head:

Recipes: 150r

Finance: 300r

Loans: 600R

If you create a shared table with a yield of niches, it will be possible to approximate the potential income from the site.

But to create such a table without you — I did. I don't know the average return in all niches. Plus only my opinion/experience is not enough to create more or less adequate picture.

Need your help.

What will we do?

You need to set the values of income with 1,000 visitors in the niches in which you have a website. And then I on the basis of all of the votes will bring the average value.

an Example: you have a website in the theme of "building a house", on the site 5000 visitors per day and the income is 1500 rubles per day. So with 1000 visitors site earns 300 rubles.

1500 RUB / (5000 /1000) = 300 RUB.

and write below (in My answer):

building a house: 300.

PS: Need to enter information only information/content projects (not shops, not sites services, etc.).

Loading...It's confidential, without entering email and other data.

(link to poll)

Why do we need it?

Apart from the fact that the marathon will be more or less adequate to the parameter of return, so we all together put the table yield in the niches of the information/content sites.

This table will be available to all (will publish in the blog, when we collect data). I think it will be useful and interesting to everyone. But for this you need to have each shared their experiences and not passed.

I spent a bit of time and distribute a list of topics. It is, of course, incomplete, but I tried. In the future, will it improve/update. May take a basis in the marathon.

Thank you for participating!

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