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Fund Yunitrast capital told how beneficial it is to invest in commercial real estate Breaking news 30.08.2019 at 20:24

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The company's Specialists Yunitrast capital analyzed the advantages of investing in commercial property in 2019 and explained to us what types of such properties promise the highest return in the short, medium and long term.

Analysts Yunitrast capital analyzed the investment market and assess the risk of investing in commercial properties in major Russian cities. According to experts, the cost of commercial rental office space and space for shops in the coming year will rise slightly, due to the overall relatively low projected growth of the national economy.

“on the whole, the commercial real estate market in Moscow, St. Petersburg and largest Russian cities can be considered established. Most interesting objects have already been put into long-term lease and bring a stable profit to their owners. Business centers and also adapted for a similar purpose factory buildings, close to the city center is already filled with tenants. However, the ongoing commercial construction on the outskirts of the city consistently meets the demand from new customers. From our point of view, the greatest promise of profit of investments in capital repairs of buildings in the old Fund in the city center with the subsequent re-sit at a higher price. Also a good income promises redemption space on the first floors of the houses in the town center, located at intersections. Best in an illiquid state, with the subsequent major repairs and long-term lease under the retail stores. In this case, the attachment is able to bring venture capital investors at least 30% of the profits”, – says the expert on the market of the commercial real estate company Yunitrast capital.

However, experts warn about the increased costs of investment in commercial property. In connection with the reduction of budget revenues, the government increases pressure on business, primarily on businesses deriving income from the rental. Increasing pressure by tax and regulatory authorities, as well as the size of the tax rate. Those entrepreneurs who have passed these objects on grey schemes, is forced to emerge from the shadows and legalize their incomes.

In the long term, the company believes Yunitrast capital, leasing commercial real estate can bring substantial profits to its owners, but in the short and medium term, until the growth of the national economy is far from optimum, profits in this business segment should not count.

About Unitrust Capital (Yunitrast capital):

Yunitrast capital professional bidder on bankruptcy №1 in Russia. The share capital of the company amounts to 100 million rubles. Assets under management over $ 1 billion. The company operates in all regions of Russia.