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Paper comics. "Fullmetal Alchemist" by Arakawa hiromu: 03 The article 26.08.2019 at 06:58

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We Can say that in the third volume of "Fullmetal Alchemist" characters hiromu Arakawa pause: pretty beat up Edward ("Remember, baby. We allowed you to stay alive") is recovering in the hospital, after which a brother and Vinri of Rockbell goes to rush valley, a town which for the abundance inhabiting his mechanics called "Mecca Avtoban". There we meet new characters – a local thief Panina ("tourists wallets stealing") and Moody master Dominic, but it was probably already touched on the next Chapter...

- you May be talented, but you're still a boy! Get it at last!

And again, do not try to rely only on themselves. Often cooperate with those who are near... More trust adults. They will always help.

Not really advancing in the plot, the author saturates his next book atmosphere and devotes many pages to the development of the characters, thereby making the characters clearer and closer. Here and adolescent jokes about the fact that Vinri – friend ed (to which he yells so that it reopens the wound: "She's just a mechanic! Repairing my Avtoban!"). And family joy, like the birth of a daughter of Colonel Hughes ("my God, what's she cute!"), fussy and panic because of premature birth ("My grandson's coming!").

Turn manga hiromu Arakawa of "Fullmetal Alchemist. Book 3"["newline"] Or here al is suffering, remembering touched him in the previous volume, the words: "What if your character and your memories were artificially created by your brother? Just admit it to yourself. And you'll feel better". "What will prove that a person named Alphonse Elric really existed?! – in the hearts and in anger throws it to Edward. - Maybe all of them... And Vinri, and the grandmother lying to me! And, brother?!" What Vinri quickly sets his brain: "What idiot would risk his own life for a fake brother?! He is the only one that you have. And you have him!"

And, later, good practice, Boys remember what occasions fought once as a child:

- And then we had a fight over which one of us marries Vinri.

- Huh?! Something I do not recall!

- I won but we both got rejected.

- Yes...

Turn manga hiromu Arakawa of "Fullmetal Alchemist. Book 3"

Itself Vinri, rushed to the aid of a friend, insisted that he was due his milk ("I Hate milk" - "That's why you are forever and will remain so small!" "Shut up! How can you drink this muddy white stuff that flows out of a cow?!" - and then, incidentally, it is polite author's note: "I apologize to all the dairy farmers of Japan, no offense"). And then shares his experiences with her sympathetic Hughes:

- What's their life like this? They'll never talk to me about their problems. {...}

- Men prefer action, not words. They don't like to burden my troubles on the shoulders of others. And I don't want them worried. So silent.

Turn manga hiromu Arakawa of "Fullmetal Alchemist. Book 3"

the Only thing, perhaps, substantial namely, that the event of pushing forward the story – a sudden visit to the hospital room of the Fuhrer king Bradley almost from the threshold strictly interested in: "What did you learn? Depends on your answer very much."

I Recently became aware of suspicious activity in military circles. And I want to figure it out. {...} The enemy ahead of us several steps. However, how strong is he, what are his goals and how deep in our ranks, he was able to penetrate, we do not know. Even my intelligence has not yet managed to figure it out. {...}

See you're trustworthy. But for your own safety. Forbid you to continue to participate in this investigation, and to disclose any information on this case! Who is our ally and who the enemy is, we don't really know! So, no one can be trusted!

And a direct consequence of this meeting – as though accidental suggestion, oborachivaetsya guess, leading to a tragic outcome...

- the rebellions shvartsev, then a rebellion... Bad business in the Eastern region.

- Yes, not only in the East. In the North and West of the country also began to break out fighting. And then happen cross-border skirmishes. And coup long. Who knows?

the Cover of the manga hiromu Arakawa of "Fullmetal Alchemist. Book 3"

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