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Dimash sang a song about a Cool passion at the "New wave"

Entertainment 31.08.2019 at 01:10

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Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen and Russian composer Igor Krutoy presented a joint creation on the contest "New wave", according to with reference to the official YouTube-fistula of the singer.

the formation of the Italian language is called Passione, what means "passion." Amazing speech Dimash sang with the youth cluster of Sochi.

the Fans in the comments to the video gave a new song and talent Dimash the highest scores.

"Woden's really Cool, well lemme and Dimash -God is known"; "I Congratulate all with the new Renaissance"; "This is impossible to listen. Heart to pieces. Peace in tatters. The brain from top flight and only radar, happy ears, is applauded that quickly the bruises are on top of the cheeks. Bravo Good! Bravo the Genius of vocals!", — write users.

"Exactly quickly the two talents found the spine of the other. It is certainly not pop songs. Degree another. Cool came into the summer thinking philosophical, and inexperienced boy at that same moment ready to embrace it. Vaughn turned extraterrestrial intergalactic couple. Simply put — bewitched and charmed all and all. Love them. The choir, the musicians, the actress is all very cool," notes the sensitive listener.

"Dimash rise all above and above in professional terms, he uzhne carry equal. But what happens next? Satisfied with all o musical "La Passione" Igor Krutoy and Liliya Vinogradova (song manner does not turn specify) very complex, multifaceted, and later listening to a such warehouse same effect exactly from listening to spiritual music and goes "La Passione" and from that category of works. And this is happening on the stage, which indicates, will hear it with no memory, a lot of people! This is something new. Little: illiterate, imagine artist, some could today to do a bunch at that and the level of Dimash. What a interesting time you and I live! I myself envy)," said the special music.