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I'm your kruzak in the ravine flew

Autokadabra - Incoming 30.08.2019 at 20:42

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Remember, the works were in school on the theme "how I spent summer" ?

There, the grandmother was helping, reading books, sea saw and, in General, traveled with the family...

Us, in September and October often have the eyes to see how, where and for what amount people "apoteketbuy" this summer.

Here, the guy spent his summer much more interesting for many.

He sat on his big black jeep (LBH), found a beautiful place on the road M4 (MCD) and plowed their rails someone black soil in hazukashime (wtf).

I Hope this is not the result of obojetnosci, but the exact circumstances are shrouded in mystery.

Wtf with LBH on MCD, look...