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What "peasant" dishes prepared in the Royal kitchen? :.: Article 01.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

I used to think that meals for aristocrats was made out of gourmet products: variety of game, truffles, the finest meat and fish. It turned out that in the menu of the nobility were the products that were considered ordinary in any peasant family. Many of them are now considered junk, but before they prepared even for the Imperial family. "The almanac of gourmets" of Ignaty Mikhailovich Radetzky, published in the mid-nineteenth century, encompassed not only Russian, but also the best samples of world cuisine. Gourmet cuisine there are simple peasant food. Here are some simple dishes that were served on the tables of the best houses of the capital. They now just play all of them from affordable products. For example, the recipe for Polish dishes, where the scar is served on Volante. Valiant (vol-AU-vent) is a cake made of butter puff pastry with small bumpers. On voluntar often served with meat dishes. The author of the vol-AU-vent I think the French chef Marie-Antoine careme. In Russia, the vol-AU-vents called julichka. Large vol-AU-vent stuffed with meat with a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 14 cmfoto: Hautbois, the preparation of puff pastry and cut it into the same mug. One of them remains intact is the bottom of the cake, others cut a hole in the center of the thus obtained ring. Rings are glued to the bottom of the beaten egg whites. Vol-AU-vents baked in the oven, a small circle is used as a cover. Get a small pot of puff pastry. These pots are filled with a meat filling. So what offers to cook Radetzky from the rumen? Volant, garnished with scars in Polish For this dish take the cleaned tripe and blanch it in hot water. Then recline in a colander, washed, placed in a pot of cold water, which add various spices and salt, and simmer until tender. Readiness is determined by the softness of the scar, cooking time — 4 hours. Then take out and cut into strips, and put it in a pot of steam (the steamer). For the sauce onion, leek, parsley finely chop and fry in oil until soft, add the flour and dilute with the broth. To boil thoroughly before density. Before serving the sauce add yolks, hot strips of tripe, stir and fill with this mixture the hot volant. Volant poured white sauce. Beef of robertto: Source is an Interesting way to clean the scar described in the almanac. Scar turned and sewn, and then carefully cleaned the brushes in the river. Then put it in hot water and stir with a spatula until black hymen begins to lag. Pour cold water and freed from the chaff. Cut into pieces and soaked in cold water 24 hours, changing the water every 4 hours. In the same anthology find this recipe... Soup lentil French Photo: Depositphotos To make it flushed with warm water put the lentils in a saucepan with the water, there is a half pound (200 grams) of raw ham, 2 onions and 2 carrots and boiled on the stove or in the oven. Rubbed through a sieve and diluted with broth. Cook, skimming, until all the broth is clear. Add butter. The soup with roots in German Chop the celery, leek and parsley, to problanshirovat and pour the broth. Cook until softened. Separately in the broth to cook the sliced potatoes. Potatoes mixed with vegetables, boil and strain through a sieve. Based on the strained broth make a sauce. For this small amount of broth add butter, boil, fill with cream, add finely chopped parsley. In soup bowl place the vegetables and pour sauce. Another unexpected and simple recipe — fresh cucumber. Cucumbers and béchamel sauce to Clean the cucumbers, cut smooth circles and rinse with cold water. Boil in salted boiling water until soft, drain in a colander and lightly dry. Spread in pan on melted butter, add Bechamel sauce and cream, nutmeg and fine sugar. Put on a plate, stick a couple of croutons. Photo: Depositphotos Bechamel cream, or classic white sauce, came to us from French cuisine. It is simple enough to prepare. To the melted butter add flour, fry a little until smooth. Remove from heat and dilute slightly warmed cream. To the sauce add the nutmeg, salt and pepper. Croutons are pieces of fried white bread croutons. Cover of the anthology I. M. Radetsky Radetzky Almanac is often called the first full cookbook of Russia, so the book is interesting and visible trends. In the almanac it naturally combines traditional Russian cuisine and the best at the time of the world, fine food and very affordable, available even to the peasants. It is in the manifested diversity and cultural wealth of our country, including the culinary arts. ...

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