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Russian North. What is the pearl of wooden architecture can be found in Melakah? :.: Article 01.09.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Everything in life is relative. But because the same things are necessary, in addition to the obverse, there is the reverse. If the optimist and bugs in the joy, the pessimist do not even brandy lies a balm for the soul. So for me and the road Petrozavodsk-Vologda through the ascension, Vytegra and Kirillov. I do not like her, even though she is the shortest of all the routes that can be routed from the us to the Birthplace of the famous oil. Therefore, this route is the bus Petrozavodsk-Vologda, because in this case the end justifies the means. The savings in fuel allows to reduce the cost of the ticket. But short does not mean fast. Is this route two big disadvantages. This crossing of the Svir river in the district of the Ascension. Since the bridge over the river no need to adjust to the schedule of scow with which to cross from one Bank to another. And if you suddenly do not have time, two or three hours can be lost. Well, after the Ascension primer to Hostinskogo churchyard. In the spring or autumn floods, this area becomes impassable. Taking into account the field of asphalt to Rybreka, where he ends up, well, if 200 km from Vytegra pass within four hours... So if in Vologda, the better the long route via the M18 to the Volkhov river, where the river roll on Issad and Tikhvin. It will be faster. Checked. But on the other hand... If you wish to get acquainted with the traditional wooden architecture of the Russian North, a better route than R-19, not find. Judge for yourself. Sheltozero. House Melkina. On the left adjoining the house is a short bar "verbs"Photo: Konstantin Kucher, personal archive of a Little more than 80 km from Petrozavodsk, and here it is — Sheltozero, in which the House Melkina. One of the classic versions of the Northern residential buildings. House type "verb", or, as it is called "house boots". But in this building and Vepsian ethnographic Museum. Ie you can not only get acquainted with the classics of residential wooden architecture, but also to learn a little about the history and culture of this interesting Finno-Ugric people, the Veps. Tent-roofed Church of the Nativity Genericoo churchyard. In front of her, closer to us, one of the slopes of the roof fence.Photo: Konstantin Kucher, personal archive And another thirty kilometers from Sheltozero South to Ascension, and — already in the Podporozhsky district of the Leningrad region — the village of Gimreka, with its unique churchyard, which survived not only tent-roofed Church of the Nativity and the same belfry, but gable wall with original arched entrance gate and unforgettable. And all this — the real XVII century! As in my opinion, Gimreka — a worthy competitor of Kizhi. But if you got to Gimreka... Definitely need to drive another five kilometers in the direction of Ascension to get into Sheleiki. And to see the many wooden Church of the XVIII century. And because of the House and Melkina Gumoreska the churchyard I already talked today about the built in 1783, the Church of Dmitry Solunsky. However, only about it, probably, does not work, because one longitudinal axis of the temple is expressive multi-tiered belfry of type "octagon on square", associated together original air bridge-transition. In one longitudinal axis of the temple is expressive multi-tiered belfry of type "octagon on square"...a Photo: Konstantin Kucher, a personal archive So the Church can be reached by a single dvuhspalnom porch, departing from the Western wall of the refectory prirub to the North and South and through the tower, a quadrangle of which is, by design builders, a kind of vestibule before the entrance to the Church. Stretching from West to East, the rectangular frame of the Church visually well is divided into two parts: low refectory and the temple is higher, due to its rectangular, raised to the level of the roof ridge of the refectory. To last from the East prirulan the altar. The top of the Church is covered with the so-called groin barrel (two barrels connected at a right angle). Once such a completion of the religious buildings was widespread in Russian wooden architecture, including and on-site Miseria, and used in the construction of many temples. Here and elegant silhouette of the Church of Demetrios raises to the sky its canonical five domes: one at the gable of each of the barrels and the last Central, cut into the center of the overlapping blind octagon. Sixth cupola installed on the roof of a five-sided altar prirub. The completion of the wooden religious buildings of the groin barrel used in the construction of many of hermoupoli: Konstantin Kucher, a personal archive of All that we can, in Selaci, see today's original purpose is unknown builders. Such was the Church when, after his consecration, the congregation for the first time crossed the threshold of the Church. But... it took half a century, and new times have come. When our ancestors became ashamed of his rustic wooden churches. And most importantly, that the Holy Synod directed the builders of that time at the city of stone beauty. And the wooden Church began to "refurbish". To bring them into such a form that they were at least to some extent, similar to the iconic stone building. Therefore, in 1834 the walls of the Church and the bell tower was sheathed with boards to cover their log-based and do externally similar to the smooth brickwork. To this similarity was even greater, the casing in most cases and painted: in this view from afar, it was like painted on the temple walls are plaster. In addition to wall cladding in the same year was dismantled leading to the temple dvuhskatnye porch. And in order to provide parishioners the entrance to the Church, she United with the Church of the bulky transition-the refectory. Naturally, all these alterations a stone was left from the original light, graceful, aspiring to the lofty heights of the silhouette. Even three decades later, in 1868, all onion domes of the Church and her barrels coated galvanized iron. And from the original intention of the builders left nothing. It took two of the restoration, the Church was restored to its original obligato: Konstantin Kucher, personal archive took two restoration 1972-78 years 2014-17 and the Church regained its original form. And at last it was spent more than 37 million (!) rubles. A large amount of money! For a small village somewhere on the edge of the Leningrad region, we can say, is enormous. But... As in my opinion, the money is worth it. Such beauty, as in Melakah, rarely where you can find. Therefore, if you suddenly put you somewhere in the area of Petrozavodsk, Vytegra, Podporozhie... take one day. The one and only. Which, if you get to Sleek, will remember for a very long time. Remember and rejoice in the happiness that has fallen to you. To see and remember the beauty that was created many centuries before us, is totally unfamiliar to us, but clearly — talented, people-nuggets. Our ancestors. Bright memory... ...

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